Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th October Written Update: Meet the going to be lovebirds Aman and Roshni

Episode begins with three people I am going in a car while discussing matches among each other. One of the friends is asking the other friend who is driving the car to speed up and go away from the place as soon as possible. that friend who is driving ask that why are you saying that a jinn is following us. Differences you don’t believe but jinn, angels, monsters, ambassadors all these things exist in the real world. The other friend refused to believe such a theory and says nothing like that happens in real life.

Suddenly he just stopped the car with a jerk when he spotted something unusual is coming from the other side of the road. A huge figure who appears like a human being wearing a hoodie walking towards their car from the other side. They got scared to see such a heavy figure with such horrible atmosphere. The Jinn comes forward and smashes the car and throws it into the water.

A statue of outside of a huge palace introduces herself as an angel and she said that I am going to make you people introduced to the characters associated with this story. Huge room was shown with ancestral kind of architecture and a tea tray comes out magically with toaster and a closet. A man is walking inside the room and all the other things are happening in the room with the magic touch. Somewhere the tea is being prepared, while on the other side, a coat comes out from the closet and the person wears a coat and gets ready. Everything that we do manually in our daily life is happening in the room magically.

Suddenly a woman comes in the room and calls Aman and he turned. All the magical activities in the room stopped at that moment she entered. She asked Aman to get ready and wear something nice as he is going to get married soon. He needs to look different from all. He says I am already different from everybody and some blurry flashes was shown of a weird figure. He asks his grandmother why he is different from all and what is the reason behind it? It seems like his grandmother has some secrets in her mind but she is not willing to tell Aman about it. Aman tries to asks her again but she reacted a bit loud.

In another home, a woman was shouting and saying this girl will never change and throws everything. That girl again arranges everything and takes the plate and put water in it for birds. She is smiling with full of life and she is as bright as nature and too pure at heart. She is a daughter of a courtesan but her heart resembles a messenger of god. She tells her adopting mother that she will soon open a bakery and post that they will not have to worry about livelihood. Her mother is saying we got a good contract to perform at MLA’s house he was even ready with heavy cheque amount but you refused. Her mother gets angry and says they are so respectful people of society and we are not and no matter how much we try people will call you my daughter of a courtesan.

Aman and Roshni both meet each other outside of the holy place where both of them appeared to pray. Roshni and Aman gets in a verbal argument when Roshni accidentally hits the card of Aman and she blabbered something unusual about his father. An angry Aman destroys the car Roshni, she gets shocked to see that. Inside the prayer mosque, Aman and Roshni meet each other again when Jinn who is outside of the mosque spells his magic and as a result an earthquake took place there. Aman at the meantime, saves the innocent lives there with the help of his magic stick as he can perform them and he has a lot of powers in him. Roshni also tries to help out people as much as she can manually. Whereas back in home of Aman, his mother, grandmother and other family members gets the hint of the arrival of Jinn.

Precap – Aman eye color changes and he turned into a beast suddenly.