Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th January 2020 Written Update: Aman and Roshni promised each other not to break apart

Episode begins with aman and Roshni arranging with each other in the snow falls and Aman again does magic. Aman is getting romantic with Roshni and both of them are enjoying with each other. Suddenly Chotu comes there and says I am also cute and I also need kiss.

The entire family comes there and starts to enjoy the snowfall. Aman and Roshni gets awkward and both of them are standing together and is smiling at each other because they don’t know what to do now. The family members and enjoying together and chhotu is making snowman. Aman does magic for more snowfall and asks Roshni to go from there.

Parveen climbs up the tree she created in the swimming pool and brings a black fruit from the tree with the help of her own magic.

Aman and Roshni decides to go in another corner and have some moments with each other because everytime everywhere Chotu is interrupting them. Before they can come into the swimming pool area between already does her work and the tree that has created in the swimming pool goes vanished. Roshni says to Aman that you always get nervous whenever I talk about our first night. Aman says there is nothing like that but Roshni is kidding with Aman and accidentally falls in the swimming pool.

Aman also comes behind heart and both of them start to get intimate with each other. Parveen calms and drop the fruit she got from the tree in the swimming pool and says now that fruit will do the work perfectly. Aman gets affected by the poison and when he kissed Roshni the poison goes into the veins of the body of Roshni.

Aman gets normal again and he gets intimate with Roshni and takes her to the room. In the morning, Roshni comes to a man while drying her hair and she purposefully shakes her head in front of Aman so that the droplets of the hair falls on Aman. She calls Aman world and face you don’t have courage like a class monitor also.

Aman also does prank on her and Roshni gets emotional in the middle of all these and says to Aman that I don’t want differences between us further details whatever happened in our lives, after that any happiness and any normal day seems like a dream to me.

Aman promised her that will never get separated from each other. Chotu comes to call them for breakfast and sales you people are playing kiss kiss with each other and I have to call everybody for the breakfast table.

Aman takes Chotu in his arms and asks you really love to do this right and Chotu says yes. Roshni smiling to see them together like this. The family is preparing for the engagement ceremony of Aman and Roshni once again.

Aman get happy to see the preparations because he knows all there is a very important for Roshni. Parveen comes from behind the pillar and says do whatever you want but eventually things will happen according to my wish.

Precap – Parveen Kills Soha and Roshni witnessed it.