Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th October Written Update: Aman darkest face revealed in forecast

Episode begins with Roshni is standing near a bus stop and is remembering the incident that happened recently. She is trying to process the events that occurred one after another. Suddenly a black Shadow of Jinn appeared behind Roshni and spells his magic. The voiceover comes from behind that Jinn has understand the biggest blockage in the path of getting Aman is Roshni. Hence he is in no mood to keep the threat of his path alive for long. Roshni suddenly notice that a car is flying in the year and it is sleeping and coming towards her. She is stuck to the place where she is standing as she is too numb to react. On the other side, the car is about to hit her but Aman comes in between and saves her. Roshni fainted due to the sudden shock whereas Aman uses his magic powers to stop the car.

Aman carries Roshni in his arms and lie her down on a bench. She keeps on blabbering something in her sleep and Aman smiles listening to her words and then he walks out from there with his hawk baazigar.

Aman reaches house and meets his mother grandmother and aunt. He comes to know what all happened behind his back in the house and he concluded that all these signs are indicating that he is back. His mother tries to avoid the reality and says it can be coincidence as well. Aman says coincidence doesn’t happen again and again. When you are getting the signs in a clear way, then it is an indication. Roshni on the other side games consciousness when some passerby women sprinkle water on her. She tries to tell them what all happened but they didn’t believe her. She suddenly remembered that her car is destroyed and her mother will be curious at her and she walked out from there.

Aman tells his family members that he cant go ahead with the engagement as it will put the life of an innocent girl at risk. Can’t be this selfish to put someone’s life at stake for his own agenda. His grandmother and mom tried to make him understand that getting married for him is really important with us that can only give them assurance for life.

They told him that all their life they always lived in fear of losing him. His marriage will give them the relief from this fear forever.

Aman eventually a trees with them and comes down for engagement and welcoming the bride’s family. The thumb impression of Jinn imprinted on the house wall. Aman suddenly feels something unusual within him, his body starts to transform. His eyes turned blue who and all his hands and legs a transforming into a beast. His grandmother puts the light of the house so that is reality doesn’t come in front of his in laws. He transform into a beast form of him which is so ruthless that he can harm anybody and isn’t in his sense. He jumps from one area to another and his family somehow postponed the ritual for the next morning.

Later on, his mother went in search of a friend when he attacked her as well. She got terrified and tries to call him as Aman to bring him back but he again attacks her. His grandmother shoots arrows on him to stop him. Aman comes back to his usual form and is in pain.

Precap – Jin reaches the house in search of Aman. Fire sparkled inside the house, Jinn is trying to capture Aman from the house itself. His mom, grandmother and aunt is terrified with the feeling of Jinn made a comeback to them.