Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th January 2020 Written Update: Aman and Roshni are dancing together in their Sangeet


Episode begins with Roshni comes in the hall and gets impressed with the decorations in the house and she asked why you all are so happy? Roshni gets happy to see so many gifts and presents are there in the table. She gets emotional with all these.

Parveen thinks it is the time for the poison that goes into the body of Roshni and it will spread now. She then wonders why did the poison is taking too much time to spread in the body of Roshni? Everyone is celebrating for their marital functions.

In the evening, Roshni and Aman are getting ready in their respective rooms. When suddenly Sara and Saima entered the room and says to Aman that Roshni needs your help for making her hair as her hair dresser is not yet present in the house when Aman comes to make up for her hair. He does magic in the room and Roshni gets excited to see all these. Finally, Aman is done preparing her hair. She said to Aman that you are the luckiest person in the world.

Aman says I don’t want to ask! Roshni says please ask about how you are that one lucky person? Aman finally asked her knowing very well what she is going to answer. She says your wife is the most beautiful person in the world and her eyes are best in the entire world. Aman says I helped you in making hairs and I am the one who is lucky? Roshni says yes and Aman starts to annoy her with his jokes to had a girlfriend once named as Ruby.

Roshni gets jealous to hear this and she starts to call that girl names but Aman is happy to see her jealous and he keeps on saying things one after another. Later on, both of them come down for sangeet celebrations and Aman and Roshni dance with each other in the function when Parveen is watching Roshni and checking if the poison is spreading properly or not?

She got to know that poison is taking time whenever Roshni and Aman are coming close to each other. Roshni and Aman are dancing together when Parveen comes and gives Aman a bracelet to make Roshni wear it. After sometime, Roshni noticed somethings are spreading in her body and she gets suspicious. Aman comes to her and says as you lost the dance battle you have to do what I say! She says tell me what you want? Aman says you and Chotu again interrupted their romance and Aman starts to tickling him.

Precap – Roshni noticed Parveen and Soha together

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