Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th October Written Update: Jinn has finally made his way to Aman

Episode begins with Aman is unconscious and his mother, grandmother and aunt is making him lying down on his bed and then his grandmother tied him with bed with chains and locks. His mother is stressed and sad with the state of his son and she wonders how long all these will go on with my son? She said Aman will come to sense again and will ask for answers, what will I say to him? Her mother-in-law says we will again divert the topic.

The voiceover says from the background to understand the present you need to get past. The time is traveling to the past and his father Junaid Khan who went bankrupt and faces humiliation from the world. Henceforth, he quits being honest to the world and all his focus based on how to be the richest person on the earth. He decides to go to Jinn demands for his wishes. Little bit he doesn’t know that Jinn doesn’t give away things but he strikes deals. He asks him made him the richest person in the world upon meeting him, in returns Jinn asks him to give his first child to him. Junaid Khan agrees to it and Jinn fulfill his wishes.

Back to the present, in the morning and gets up from his sleep and realises he is tied up with chain. His hawk Baazigar entered the room and settles on his shoulder. The hawkers crying to see his master like that and then it flew away and brings the key to open the locks. Aman applies his magic and all the locks get opened.

His mother entered his room and asks if he is fine now? Aman gets shocked to see the bruises on his mother’s face. He asks her if it is because of him? She says to forget everything and start a fresh. Roshni brings the broken parts of the car to her house. her mom get teary eyed to see the car she bought with so much money in such a state.

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Roshni trust explain to her what all happened and how she is not responsible for the current situation. She promises to her that she will buy a new car for her and runs away from the house before her mother can grab her.

The in-laws of Aman appeared at the bungalow to perform the ritual of engagement. Aman also comes down after a long deliver to go ahead with the marriage or not. Another side his grandmother gets a call about the arrival of jinn in the house. she said that the sign of his arrival has to be in the room of Aman and they have to search for it. She gets to see a ring is burning below the bed sheet of Aman. Another side Jinn finally recognised Aman and is about to grab him. His mother put water on the fire and it dozes off and Jinn goes away from there.

Aman comes down for engagement and both of them settles on the couch to perform the ritual. His would be bright takes out the ring and slips in his finger. He is about to put the ring on her when his grandmother gets another call and Jinn again appeared in front of their house.

Precap – Jin entered the house and is chasing Aman. Roshni comes at Junaid Bhavan with sweets packet