Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th September 2020 Written Update: Jinn captures Rehaan and Shayari inside a bottle

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Salma is playing with the toys and is sitting alone. All the house members are watching her playing while Baby thinks to have a word with the kid to make her feel normal but she starts to cry so much again. Baby gets scared but this time Roshni comes forward and tries to calm her mind. She calls Roshni as mom and she feels so much connected. The kid keeps calling her mumma and is playing with toys.

Later Rubina tries to find an alternative to know who is the mother of the baby jinn exactly and she sprinkles the powder on the blank paper of Ilm-e-jinn and spreads it while Roshni is walking in the corridor with Armaan in her arms and suddenly she recalls all the past events and something stuck her mind while Rubina and Aman manages to get a shadow only of the mother but not a clear picture.

Shayari is trying tk come back home by walking and Rehaan asks her are you going to home by walking? She says I have no power to fly hence I have only one option that is walking. Rehaan says if we go to the house in your speed then we will end up going there when Aman and Roshni will be in their oldage.

He asks her to hold him tightly as they need to reach house as soon as possible. Roshni goes to see the plants tub which she kept in the garden in the memories of her unnborn late child and she noticed a shadow flower is there in the another tub. Aman says to Tabeezi if no face how we will know who is the mother of that baby jinn?

Roshni walks inn and says I am the one and the shadow also indicated her and Aman gets the clear picture on that spot without anymore thinking and hesitation and realises this time it is not possible to defeat the third jinn as it is their own baby. They come to Salma to find out what she wants but the soul left the body of Salma and they all wonder what is the demand of the baby and how will they get to know about it now?

Aman and Roshni are worried when like always Rubina comes there with a solution for them and does her trick and saw that the soul of baby jinn burns the plant of the Armaan. It took them no time to realise that the baby jinn is here to takes away Armaan with her and she wants to kill their baby Armaan.

Other side, Rehaan and Shayari reaches house and are about to enter when Kaala Jinn comes there and captures them inside a bottle and says I won’t let you two spoil my game at all. rehaan tries to get out but his magic is now working on them. Roshni realised that Anjum is possessed by the soul of the baby jinn and Armaan is with her right now.

Precap – Aman Roshni Rehaan and Shayari is all set to kill Kaala Jinn for once and all.