Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th February 2020 Written Update: Roshni and Aman had a hit and miss at hospital

Episode begins with Aman is driving the car and he remembers the recent past moments that happened to him. He remembers all the incidents that took place regarding Roshni and her words, Alia and his mother Parveen. On the other hand, Roshni also moved on in her life and both of them slowly gets busy in their life and in this process one year passed.

Roshni is now taking care of her mother who is physically ill and she is selling cookies and cakes to run her house. She said to her mother that whatever it is, that was the end of my life and love for Aman and I will never look back there again.

Roshni is selling those handmade cookies and with that money she is buying medicine for her mother. It is getting difficult for her but she is managing everything with a smile on her face and she still has that kind heart to help the needy people.

Aman, on the other hand, is celebrating and partying with girls in the bar and nightclubs. He is dancing with a random girl in the party when her boyfriend comes and hits Aman on the face.

Aman used his magic tricks and injured the person for hitting him and he left the party. He comes to meet his mother in the hospital and says in the span of one year I hate it to people with all my heart. One is my ex-wife Roshni and another one is myself. I hate myself because I believed in Roshni with your safety and I hate her because she broke my trust. She requested her mother to get up and give him at least one chance to take care of her once again.

Aman goes out of the hospital when at the same time, Roshni also comes inside the hospital with a box of cookies and gives it to the nurse herself. She asks about Parveen and her health. Aman is going out of the hospital when Roshni comes out but unfortunately both of them couldn’t see each other.

Precap – Aman comes to his office when he gets a call from the hospital that the health of his mother is deteriorating. Roshni gets a good news that her loan request is approved.