Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th January 2020 Written Update: Roshni was intoxicated by Parveen during the marriage


Episode begins with Roshni is asking for about Rubina as she has some important talk with her. Roshni noticed and decides to follow her to see what she is upto. Aman is warning Chotu that this should be the last and you are interested in my romance like this if you do it again then you will see the consequences.

Sara and Saima ask for Roshni and Aman realises that she is not there. He says to them that he will go and look for her. Pravin is walking through the corridor while Roshni is following her. Parveen enters inside a room and she noticed she came to meet Soha.

Parveen turns into a Jinn and she does something on Soha and Roshni gets stunned with it. She stumbles backwards and falls from the head of a table and Parveen goes out to look for the person. She finds no one outside and get inside third room again while Roshni comes from behind the pillar. Anjum comes to call Roshni and asks her to get ready for the marriage.

Everybody gets settled for the marriage ceremony and Roshni and Aman both say yes for the nikah. everybody congratulate them and roshani is processing the thoughts slowly in her mind about what all is happening. Conclude that if only Ayana can kill Aman then the poison that spreads in my body has to be observed by Aman and he has to take the poison inside his body to save me and in this way he will die. Roshni calls Aman and gets shocked to see Roshni is becoming blue due to poison.

He comes near her and hold her hand and take off the veil.

He gets shocked to see the status of Roshni and she faints in his arms. Aman carries Roshni in his arms and bring her in the room and tries to wake her up. He is not understanding what is happening Anjum says to him maybe she is poisoned by someone.

Parveen manipulates Aman to absorb the poison from the body of Roshni. He is going to do that but Roshni saves herself at the end moment. She gets up on the bed and says that I am fine.

She completely turns normal and says when I noticed my hands are getting blue, I called Rubina immediately and she said to me that I have to to delete myself from the spot from where the poison was spread in the body. Roshni get happy death finally I am successful to save myself and Aman gets suspicious that how come you get poison just because of me kissing you? Rubina comes to them and says I will tell you what all happened?

She brings them all besides the pool area and does some magic and that black fruit that was put in the water so that the poison can reach out to Aman gets in her hand. Tabeezi says to the family inside a black jungle a soul of zehreeli is caught and this fruit is hers.

Precap -Rubina says to Aman maybe the enemy you are looking out for is in your house only. Roshni says to Aman I have seen the real face of somebody from your family.

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