Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 18th February 2020 Written Update: Aman and Roshni comes face to face after 1 year

Episode begins with Aman comes back home dejected while Sara and Anjum are waiting for him over dinner. Anjum says to him what you have done to yourself? He says to them I am doing very fine in my life. Anjum says that after the time Roshni leaves the house Aman has changed for no good and he is continuously trying to hides his pain from the world that he has nothing to do with the absence of Roshni in his life but the fact is he misses her so much.

Aman says do not take her name in front of me today what is the state of my mother is because of that girl. Rubina comes to meet Salma and inform her about the changed attitude of Aman. She says he tries hard to hide his pain but anyone can see this.However, he is not the same Aman anymore. Roshni gets to hear the conversation between Salma and Rubina and she feels bad for Aman.

However she hides her concern and says to Rubina that span of one year he not for once ask for me and my mother goodwill but he completely forgot about us so so now his problems are only his problems and not mine. However in the night time both of them are missing each other and in this process Aman is not realising that problems are so close to him.

In the morning Aman comes to his office and Roshni as usual goes to deliver her cookies chocolates and dry fruits in the desired address. Coincidentally, Roshni comes to his hotel only to deliver her parcel. Roshni gets a call from her mother that her loan application is passed and she can open her on Bakery now. She gets so delighted to know this but both of them gets stuck inside the lift and after 1 year both of them see each other.

Roshni and Aman couldn’t understand how to react to the situation and then and after coming out of the lift Roshani breaks down and cries while Aman is feeling like his breath was caught and finally he can inhale again. Hi again gets a call from the hospital and he rushed to there. Roshni finally completes the proceedings to open the Bakery officially but she is not happy the way she should be.

Precap – Aman reached hospital but the doctor gives him some unlikely news.