Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 18th October Written Update: Aman decides to confess the truth of himself to Ada

Episode begins with Aman holds Roshni in his arms and Roshni is looking at him with shocking eyes. She wonders how come he is also present at this place. Aman makes her stand and she says I agree that I hit your car with mine but that doesn’t mean that you will follow me everywhere. Do you know this house belongs to a royal family? Aman looks at her with surprising eyes and thinking she must be mad. He silently says this house is mine. Roshni told him so what? Will you keep on telling everybody who enters your house like wind, sunlight, people with attitude that I am the owner of the house? She says I came in the house to find my hair clips just give me my hair clips and I will go from here. A man finds it unbelievable that she came here just to find her clips. Aman says I will try to find them and if I got them I will tell you. The grandmother of Aman is decorating the floor with so many dead flowers. She says this flower will bloom only if the girl who has a heart of an angel crosses their path. Roshni passes through them and flower starts to bloom one after another but Aman’s grandmother mistaken it with Ada as she was unable to see Roshni.

All settles for starting the marriage rituals. Ghazi sahab is reading the paper of wedding and he asks about her approval for the wedding. Looks at Aman with blushing eyes and gives her approval. Everyone starts to congratulate each other as per the ritual. Then Ghazi sahab ask the same question to Aman as well. On the other hand, Roshni suddenly feels awkward and she feels that she should go back to the house. She starts to walk back towards the house when Aman stands up in between from marriage ritual and declares in general that before saying anything I want to talk to Ada in private. all the family members who are present there are in shock with his sudden decision. However Aman remains stand on his point and says I will not proceed for other without having a word with her separately.

Roshni stopped Midway and thinks what she is doing? She went out of the house corridor and suddenly notices The fountain along with Angels surrounding it. She goes near the statues and complements them to be beautiful and the statues transform into a human form and replies her thank you. Roshni didn’t understand what had just happened and she guessed it as her illusion. The helper girl of Jinn arrives at Junaid Bhavan when Roshni unknowingly throws water on her.

Inside the house, Ada is waiting in room of Aman for having a conversation with him. That girl entered the room and transforms herself in the same attire of the bride and hides Ada below the bed. Aman comes and confesses about his reality to Ada. he says I am cursed antiflu associate your life with me you will be part of my dreadful journey of life as well.

The imposter says even after I know about your reality now, I will still go ahead and marry you. Aman gets happy to see she is ready to take the challenge for him and he says I am waiting for you downstairs. The imposter caught Ada inside a jar and locks it. Aman’s grandmother brought her as Ada in the hall for performing the marriage.

Precap – Aman gets the jar in hand where Ada is kept captive by his nephew.