Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th February 2020 Written Update: Aman destroyed the dream of Roshni ruthlessly

Episode begins with Aman is driving the car while he remembers all the moments he has with his mother and also the promises he made to her. Roshni is overwhelmed to see the arrangements made by Farha.

Roshni says thank you to Farha for making her dream come true. Roshni shows her mother that the name of the Bakery is Salma’s Bakery. Salma gets overwhelmed to see that. Roshni says you always used to say that your name is maligbed, but now people will see that this name is my real identity because this name belongs to my mother.

Aman is going to the hospital when he he gets stuck in the road due to the celebration of the cafe of Roshni. He noticed Roshni among the crowd and he does his magic and everything that was arranged got messed due to him.

Roshni noticed Aman and she understands that he did it purposely so that it gets destroyed. Aman reached the hospital and doctor informed him that we already shifted your mother to ICU word and she is really serious and now you cannot meet her because if you enter the ward then it will create disturbance for her which we cannot afford.

Aman again gets angry and he thinks that whatever is happening it is because of Roshni because it is she who is dancing on the road and enjoying. He goes back to the bakery shop and he entered the bakery shop and destroyed the bakery completely.

On the other other hand, Roshni says that she is ready to you give her kidney for Parveen if it matches. Roshni comes to the spot of her bakery and she completely breaks down. Tabizi noticed a light is coming out from the book of Jinnath and she becomes scared to see eyes of a cat behind Aman. Roshni is seeing the cafe of hers in such a devastated state.

Aman is watching Roshni from a far place and is having mixed feelings.

Precap – Aman offers Roshni job with a contract but Roshni refuses it on his face.