Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th September 2020 Written Update: Kaala Jinn dies

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aman gets his heart and they all get Armaan to kill Kaala Jinn forever and others are trying to bring Jinn down. However inspite of trying for so many times Armaan didn’t launch any attack on jinn.

Jinn says to them in the thirst of ending me so soon you all forget that Armaan is too small to realize his powers or usage of his powers. He thinks if Armaan is going to be the reason of my death then I should end him by now only.

Roshni tries to save Armaan by using her powers but couldn’t do it for longer. Shayari throws her magical rope and Aman and Rehaan helps her with their powers to stop kaala jinn to step on Armaan and Roshni runs to pick up Armaan from the bucket but before she can pick him and come back Jinn frees himself giving a huge jerk to Aman, Rehaan and Shayari.

Roshni covers Armaan and closes her eyes in fear but Armaan’s eyes sparked due to obvious danger on his life along with his parents. Roshni noticed his tiny eyes are turning red and a light is coming out of it.

He puts kaala jinn on fire in no minutes and he gets shocked and shouts that it can not be possible there is some loopholes about it. Shayari says to them if Kaala jinn gets his heart in his body then we can never kill him hence we have to destroy it. Aman with the help of Roshni,

Shayari and Rehaan tries to end it with his sword but he couldn’t do it. Jinn says apart from your kid no one can do anything to me. Armaan destroys the heart of Kaala jinn too and Jinn gets demolished on earth but even before dying he gives a dangerous laugh which made Roshni worried about an unknown danger.

They come back home and Rehaan thanks Shayari for standing by him and his family all along in this tough times and without her help they will not be able to do it all. Shayari welcomes him and she also rejoices along with the other house members.

Sara says when we got freedom from our biggest fear after so long then why shouldn’t we celebrate it? Baby asks let us prepare in a grand way for birthday party and all burts into laughter.

They get a huge cake and starts to celebrate it by cutting the cake and chilling and enjoying among themselves. Salma and Anjum are competing with each other and dancing when suddenly the lights of the house starts to go on and off. A

man and Roshni along with Rubina, Shayari and Rehaan gets shocked and they goes out of the house and saw so many dark clouds and Ilm-e-jinn which indicated the opening of the door of hell of Jinn land which means a Jinn from that hell can come out and it can be much more powerful than their imagination and they are way more dangerous too.

Roshni understands why jinn has laughed on them while dying. They goes inside the house to find out a sign made with water a light is coming out between two doors and Rubina identifies it to be the door of the hell of Jinn land and the family members gets shocked and worried.

Precap – They find someone in the pool area and Rubina says she is a Jinn only.