Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1st November Written Update: Aman develops a soft corner for Roshni

Episode begins with Roshni covered Aman with a blanket and left for the hospital. Baazigar witness all of these and Roshni left for hospital. Aman wake up in the morning and sees Roshni is missing from the room. He tries to contact her but she didn’t pick up his call. He gets angry on her and keeps on trying to contact her but she rejected his calls. Doctor told her that the state of her mother is very sensitive and anything can happen anytime.

Roshni comes home and Aman asks her where was she? Parveen comes there too and starts to say bad words about Roshni and her mother. Roshni tried to speak but they didn’t pay attention to her at all. Anjum comes and says she can say when you people will allow her to say anything. She went to hospital with my permission. Her mother is admitted in a hospital and is currently in ICU. She went to check on her mother. Aman’s sister Sara also confirm the same and says I only asked the driver to drop her at the hospital. Anjum says to Aman that the way you two are behaving with Roshni is not correct. She can decide not to return in this house but she still did because she knows we need her.

Leaving her ill mother she is here with us for the sake of our help and she also saved your mother. Anjum says to a money that if there is a bit of humanity left in your body then you should go and have a check on her mother as well. For you to your mother and her health matters but what about her? she is also her mother. Aman feels guilty for the behaviour he did with her last night for coming late at home. He looked at Roshni who is looking sad and worried for her mother and she went away with his sisters.
Aman comes to room to have a word with Roshni after discussing some matters with the elders of the house regarding the rituals that is going to take place at night. Roshni is talking to Salma over the phone and she is telling her not to feel bad as she is not able to come currently but as soon as we will get every moment she will come to meet her.

Salma tries to know from her what she gets from the family in terms of money, jewellery and wealth. Roshni says she is very happy in this house and everyone in this house love her so much. Aman is listening to all days and feeling bad because he knows what is the reality? Roshni shares to her mother not to worry about her as she is happy in this house for real. Aman comes to her to have some conversation that she refused to have any word with Aman. She imagines him asking her to listen to him for once. she didn’t realise it was her dream and Aman is not doing any sort of things like that. Roshni says to Aman consider yourself lucky that a person like you got married to a beautiful cute girl like me. Roshni says don’t worry I will always protect you. Aman ask when did I told you that I need you protection? Roshni says you are so egoistic that you will not say it yourself. Aman does a magic and says not me but you need protection. Roshni sees a tiger and gets scared and both of them falls on bed together and the flower blossom again. Aman felt awkward and asks her to get ready in his room. Roshni smiles to see a bit of soft side of him.

Precap : The sangeet ceremony of Roshni and Aman is taking place in Junaid Bhawan.