Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th February 2020 Written Update: Aman offers Roshni job in his company

Episode begins with Roshni is trying to collect the burned cookies from the floor and is extremely sad. But do the burning affect the chair is hot and it hurts her hand. Aman got a bit disturbed to see this but then the flashes of Parveen being in ICU comes in his mind and again he becomes rough for Roshni. He goes to Roshni and says that you should be careful sometimes even a friend or family can be harmful to you someday. Roshni says even an enemy or a bad person can also do the same.

Aman says to Roshni, how will you manage now you have a loan of exceeding 10 lakh rupees an EMI you have to see of 7000 per month, the landing rent of this area is 20000 and you have something like 2000 left in your bank account. So what are your plans to do now? Roshni says that I have an insurance, Aman asks Roshni maybe you don’t know that I am the owner of the insurance company and you cannot even get sympathy from there so forget about money.

Roshni says I will do some job however Aman says I will not let you do that as well. Aman offers job to Roshni and said that you can work for me and for that you have to sign the contract. Roshni didn’t agree to do that and torned the papers and thrown on his face. She says this is my but I will never come to you for doing any kind of job.

Roshni comes home and finds out that her mother is extremely unwell and the doctor says that the medicines are costly but you have to bring them for her. Roshni somehow decides that she will accept the offer of Aman and will do the job under him.

Aman says to her that she will do the job of a personal secretary under him and she will follow him everywhere and also she will wait for him when he is in a meeting or bring coffee for him when he needs it. Roshni agrees to do the job but she said to him that I need at least 20 thousand rupees in advance. Aman agrees to give her the money but he says that for that you have to bring the torn papers of that contract and sign it in front of me only then I will give you the money.

Roshni arranges the paper with the help of those birds who are always in her assistant in any jobs. She gives the papers to Aman and Aman notices the injury in her hand. Aman is talking to a girl in video chat and is showing it off to Roshni. Roshni behaves unaffected and she gives no reaction to him and behaves unaffected.

Precap – The new guest in the hotel humiliates Roshni.