Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th January 2020 Written Update: Parveen missguided the entire family about her reality

Episode begins with Roshni e and Aman are trying to process how and when things happened with them. Aman says yesterday there were no outsiders present in the house who can bring that poison apple in the house then who did it? Rubina says it must be someone from the house then. Aman wonders who can be the Jinn from the house?

Roshni blames Parveen in front of all yesterday I will narrate the entire story. She says to them everything that has happened with her from all these days. Everyone is shocked to find out about that Parveen can be the culprit. Aman is not ready to admit Parveen can do such things but Roshni said that I am not speaking lies and you know that I am saying this because I have seen that happen in front of my eyes. She says with so much confidence that it has to be my mother in law who is conspiring against us from long. Parveen comes to Aman and says you believe in your wife but not in your mother.

However, Aman tries to make his mother understand that he is not doubting her neither he is doubting Roshni but there has to be something in between. Parveen says I am going out of the house when Roshni stops her with with her magic and thinks that Parveen is preventing her magic. However, she turns around and finds Aman is doing his magic and he asks Roshni to shut up. Rubina says whatever it is the fact is that someone is indeed Jinn among the family members and I have a process to find out about that person. She does a magic and made a circle around and asks everybody to step inside it.

As soon as everybody steps inside Aman is turning into a Jinn and Parveen also find it hard to prevent the effect of the circle on her. Aman is slowly transforming into a beast and suddenly Anjum noticed that Praveen is also changing her form. She is shocked and asks Parveen with so much surprise on her face and the entire family gets shocked to find it out along with Aman.

The circle goes away and the family members comes behind Aman leaving pravin in a corner. Parveen says that Rubina exposed me in front of the family now I have to do some damage control before it gets late and she takes up the disguise of Kabir. Parveen starts to talk in the voice of Kabir and behaves like him when Rubina suggests Aman to capture him inside the jar.

Parveen says in the voice of Kabir that it is impossible to capture her so easily and goes vanished from the area and length up in her own room and she also comes back in the original form. Before aman and the entire family can come looking for her she goes inside a cupboard to portray herself as a victim.

the entire Family comes under her spell and believe that she is victimized by Kabir and he is the one who took the form of her in front of the family to missguide then and serve his purpose. Roshni realises she did a mistake by doubting on her mother in law where as Kabir has done such similar thing with her as well in the past and she asked for an apology from Parveen as well.

everybody ask pravin to have breast while she is waiting for them to leave her alone and go away from the room because she noticed that she has dropped her magical ring on the floor. while going out of the room Rubina noticed something is flowing on the floor which is irking her.

Precap – Aman and Roshni tries to touch each other but as soon as their hands meet some light flushed and both of them goes away from each other with a jolt.