Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21st February 2020 Written Update: Roshni and Aman is surrounded by an unknown danger

Episode begins with Roshni says to Aman to give him the money as per his promise and he says that if you are able to stay in my hotel upto 8pm at night then you will get your cheque. instructed to bring a fan from his cabin for the guest that is going to arrive at the hotel. Roshni dance as per his instructions while Rubina experienced something horrible is happening and she witnessed that black cat in her house.

In office of Aman, Roshni comes with the fan and is trying to blow the hair of the guest but however she is not able to handle it due to the weight of the fan and as a result the guest lashes out at Roshni for spoiling her pictures.

She insulted roshani in front of everybody and roshani face that for a potential remember that she has to do it for her mother and she has to get her medicines by tonight. She says sorry to the guest and then she is working in the corridor of the hotel thinking that who the hell uses a fan to blow dry hair?

When the cousin of a man comes and says basically you rich people have this weird kind of hobbies. he introduces himself to Roshni and both of them shake hands while in the corner that black cat is watching everything with a dangerous pair of eyes.

Aman is attending his guest who is present in the hotel for opening a fashion boutique chain in collaboration with him. The new guest of a man is throwing tantrums here and there and is giving one after another demands.

Aman is having lunch with his guest and she is saying to him that she has a plan to open a boutique chain which will have rich and classy outfits. Aman agrees to it when she is asking for her tea, Roshni comes there with the tray of tea when Rubina calls her to warn her against the coming danger but she’s too busy to listen to anything.

When she is pouring the tea, it gets sprinkled a bit and the guest pour the hot in the hand of Roshni and Aman gets up and says I will assign someone else for your duty as you are right this girl is useless to do anything. Roshni is going from there when the fiancee of the guest says to her to show him his room. Roshni agrees to do so and she proceed with him while Aman didn’t like it as he knows that the guy has no good intentions in him.

Aman tries to follow Roshni but meanwhile that black power attacks Aman but due to the touch of the earrings of Roshni, he got saved from it. However, Aman tries hard to look for Roshni but she is nowhere to be seen in the hotel while the fiance of the guest tries to force himself on Roshni.

Precap – Aman is searching for Roshni in the hotel.