Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21st October Written Update: Aman double crosses the messenger of Jinn

Episode begins with a months grandmother bring the disguised Ada wedding dais to complete the process of Nikah. All the people get settled when the nephew of Aman, Chotu comes in his room and locates the jar in which Ada is actually kept. He takes it with himself and goes out of the room. He handovers the jar to Aman but he failed to notice Ada inside it.

Aman finally gives approval for the marriage and accept the alliance. Both the families congratulated each other unknown to the upcoming danger that is going to unleash on them. Roshni feels uneasy within herself when the marriage took place. She reached home and find her landlord is throwing away their stuff for not paying the rent on time. She tries to request her to give them some more time but she is not ready to listen and then she starts to badmouth her mother in front of her. She says everyone want me not to give away rent to you people but it was my unfortunate that I let a courtesan stay at my house on rent.

Roshni says her mother doesn’t belong to that profession anymore so stop calling her with such name. The landlord doesn’t listen to her and says by quitting the job identity of your mother doesn’t fade away. The ultimate truth is that she is a courtesan and will remain that forever. Roshni calls her doll and starts to pull her cheeks. she says I was doll 40 years back now I am a grown up woman. Roshni says in the same way, my mother was a dancer 30 years back but now she works hard to earn a living and she helps me in my bakery business.

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ये जादू है जिन्न रिटेन का अपडेट 21 अक्टूबर 2019 :- अमन ने दोहरे रूप से जीन के दूत को पार किया!

In Junaid Bhawan, the grandmother of Aman brings the disguise Ada in the room of Aman asks her to wait and in the meantime if she needs anything then she can ask without any hesitation. She puts a hand on her shoulder and commands to show her the place where the lamp is kept. A possessed dadi agrees to her and says I will show you the place, come with me.

Aman who is coming towards his room what is the whole thing and wonders when can both of them go at this hour of the night? He was trying to follow them, when he accidentally kicks the jar where Ada is kept. He is shocked to see her inside the jar and he calls baazigar immediately. He does magic and finally other is free from the prison. On the other hand, the messenger of Jain is commanding dadi to dig the ground and bring out the lamp. She does and is shocked to find out that there is no lamp.

Aman comes from behind and says the lamp is with me and the flashback was shown where Aman had a conversation with his mother, who said that she is not feeling well about the whole scenario that is going on and only advised him to keep the lamp with himself for the night before shifting it to a safer place.

The fire of Jinn asked to handover the lamp to her but he refused at first but then he gives it to her when she attacked Chotu. Later on, when the fire of Chin is about to unleash her boss from the lamp She realized that Aman actually double crosses her and the lamp she has is the fake one. She gets angry with the betrayal whereas Aman gets informed by his mother that never ever forget and forgive betrayals. He will be back shortly to avenge it.

Precap – Jinn attacks mother of Aman and Aman realises Ada is not the girl he and his family was looking for. Roshni gets engaged.