Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22nd January 2020 Written Update: Aman decides to keep Alia and the baby in his house

Episode begins with Aman is trying to explain in front of Roshni about Aliya when Roshni says she is not interested in his past life and neither she is going to judge him about what he did in his past life. She says but somehow I am feeling that this kid is not yours. She asks for a medical test to which Aman agrees and he approached Aliya as well for the same.

Aman says that we are not doubting you but family wants a security and clarity, that is why we need to do it and Alia also agreed for the same. Roshni noticed that Aman keeps his hand on the shoulder of Aliya which made roshani feel bad because currently among and Roshni cannot touch each other until the effect of the poison gets over.

At night Roshni gets a disturbing sight when she saw Alia in the attire of a bridal from distance. When she entered the room she saw that Alia is trying to make the baby sleep for the night and she covered up in front of her that she came to have a check on them if they need anything so she can provide help. In the morning Aman announced in front of all the family members that area is not faking anything and that baby is indeed the biological son of Aman.

Parveen is trying to revive the ring from Rubina and she asked Jinn for assistance. She said that to get back the powers I have I need to give sacrifice of someone related to my blood. She is in deep thinking that I cannot give away Aman but when she gets to know about the baby you decided that she will give sacrifice of this kid instead of aiman and she wholeheartedly welcomes the decision of Alia and her son staying at the house without any protests. She also emotionally made Roshni say yes for the stay of Aliya and her son in the Junaid Bhawan.

Aman is is sad about what is happening but he is feeling helpless as he is thinking that it is his moral responsibility to take care of the baby. Roshni feels uneasy and she excused herself from there after everything.

Aman understand the mindset of Roshni and he goes to console her. Roshni expresses her concern with him and she said that she is not feeling good about Alia and something is putting her off about her.

Aman says this is nothing but her insecurity regarding Alia that is making her feel like that. He says I know earlier from earlier and she is is every normal person so she has no motive to change the DNA reports or to frame me with wrong accusations. Roshni sales but our world is different and my Ayaana sense is not ready to accept it.

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