Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22nd October Written Update: Roshni is getting engaged

Episode starts with declaring in front of his family that he has taken a call regarding Ada. He is under the impression that the other is his wife and her security is his first priority. He decides to send Ada back with her family and deal with this issue alone. He says to his grandmother that I can’t put an innocent life at risk for the sake of his own profit. Roshni is applying turmeric paste on the wound of a pigeon and is saying don’t you know that on Saturdays visiting narrow space areas can cause harm to you people. Her mother Salma comes with bridal dress and asks her to get ready. She says I know you are angry with me because you didn’t like the way your mother deals with problems and situations.

However please don’t think that I am doing all this for my own sake. I can live on the streets and I can deal with my life on my own but I want happiness for you. The marriage procession comes to a door not on streets, getting homeless at this stage can cause issues in your alliance. Today is your engagement and after some day when you will get married, the shadow of my past will no longer haunt you in fact you will be known and recognised as a daughter-in-law of a respective family. I know you feel ashamed and embarrassed regarding your mother and her past life. Roshni to her mother you are not my embarrassment but my pride. I feel so proud to be your daughter. Salman hugs Roshni and both of them cries together while Salma has some hidden motive behind this marriage.

Aman asks Ada to go back home with her parents. Aman says thank you so much for making me even after knowing everything while the other is trying to say to him that she never got married to him at first place. Aman says to Ada that for the time being please go with your parents I will come soon to bring you back in his house. The entire family bids adieu to Ada and she is looking at Aman again and again while going. Post her departure, dadi tells the entire family the truth about Aman’s marriage. She says Aman and Ada other never got married at first place. Aman got married to that imposter as she already caught Ada inside the bottle when I went to bring her for marriage.

Roshni gets ready for engagement and her friend for her also comes for the event. Roshni is sceptical about this alliance but she is somehow convinced because she has faith in the choice of her mother. The groom of roshani entered the house with his mother and so many servants holding gifts and presents for the bride’s family. Salman gets so excited to see the gifts but pretends as if she is so overwhelmed. Aman is discussing with his family about protecting them when he noticed a black smoke is is forming inside the house.

The black smoke transferred into the imposter who came earlier to their house to release the Jinn. In the end, the smoke formed of Jinn Ashes who said that you are not aware about the consequences of betraying Jinn. Even I used to be a human being like you and I also try to become rich with the blessing of Jinn and then try to double cross him. As a result I am in this state now, I would have got my life back if you do not betrayed me. Don’t worry the real Jinn will make his comeback very soon. She then transform into a hip of ashes and then fire catches the asses and it transforms into a burning ball kind of sign. The ball straightaway hits into the mother of Aman. He gets so tensed for her but she says I am ok. She was about to climb up the stairs but collapsed.

Precap – Aman looks for Ayana, Roshni is exchanging rings with her would-be groom.