Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd October Written Update: Aman gets to know about Roshni’s identity

The episode begins with Aman is discussing with his family about his mother and making her right. When his grandmother told him Tabeezi said that if we make your mother touch the water-dipped with the flowers which also get touched by the magical angel girl then your mother will be out of the spell of Jinn. Aman runs to catch Ada and he runs his car at full speed so that he can catch up to them and make her touch the flowers. He did reach up to them and meets Ada and she is so confused to see him like that, Aman makes the jar full of flowers but it didn’t blossom as per the say. He wonders why it is not happening and he tries some more time but it didn’t happen.

He comes back home and elaborates on the incident to his grandmother, baby and his mother. He says you people trapped Ada for no reason in this mess. His grandmother says that how is it possible because that day those flowers did blossoms and the earlier one when you are fighting with Jinn and suddenly your powers increased and you are able to trap him in the pot. They say how do we get to know who is that girl? Suddenly Aman noticed the eyes of his mother in a family picture are getting black and he freaks out to think what is this happening? He understands that the spell of Jinn is growing inside his mother.

His sisters come running to see how is their mother right now? They try to ask if she is fine or not? Aman decides to tell his sisters the entire truth about him and his existence. He told them about him being a magician and under the spell of a Jinn. All of them got scared to know about the danger they are living in. Aman assures them that he is still able to protect his family from Jinn and then he showcased his magic skills to them and specially chhotu is very much flattered to know that his uncle is a magician. Roshni got engaged on the other side. She is her usual self is helping the needy people in the best way she can. She then goes to bake the cookies in the OTG but somehow she didn’t able to set the temperature right and all the cookies got burnt.

On the other hand, Aman who is trying to find out who is the real Ayana? Finally, gets a breakthrough to find his nephew comes up with a ray of hope. He says that like you there was another girl who was doing magic that day and the moment she touches the flowers it blossomed. All the family members get hopeful that finally, they will be able to locate her. Chhotu says I have some conditions before handing over the video to you people and he says from now on up to two weeks you people will do my homework.

Aman agrees to all his tantrums and finally plays the video and he is shocked to realize that Ayana is nobody but Roshni. He remembers all the moments of them when he encounters her. He can’t believe the fact that she is the one he and his family are looking for. His mother asked if he knows the girl or not? He is sitting there holding his head when baazigar starts to tease him. On the other side, the owner of the bakery of Roshni says this girl just made my business run on profit, she is not an ordinary girl but a blessing.

Precap – Family members are asking Aman to call Roshni. Aman’s mother raised an issue for she is a courtesan.