Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th February 2020 Written Update: Aman rescued Roshni from Yuvraaj

Episode begins with Aman is looking for Roshni in the entire hotel and Roshni is cornered by that prince Yuvraj and Aman is going behind the hotel room. Roshni hides inside the bathroom and locks the door and there was a doorbell ring in the room. Yuvraj opened the door and there were beverages and snacks kept outside the room.

Suddenly the glasses and the bottle of beverage comes flying to him and it breaks on his face and Aman enters the room and starts to beat Yuvraj for misbehaving with Roshni. He noticed the scarf of Roshni is on the floor. He goes to have a check on Roshni and then he remembered the incident of mother and left it there. Imran comes and rescues Roshni from the room and asks her if she is okay.

Aman on the other hand cancelled the deal with Princess Mallika and his brother Yuvraaj and asked her to get out of his hotel right now. Roshni comes to Aman to have money from him as it is 8 already in the clock. Aman says to Roshni, no matter what you will never stop chasing money. Roshni sales if you will not stop chasing money but it just matter of zeros, I have to bow down for 20 thousand and you for 200 crore.

Aman gives her the cheque. Roshni comes home with medicines and Rubina comes to meet Salma and asks Roshni if she noticed anything odd in the office? She says no.

The next morning, Roshni comes to the office and the receptionist is instructing her on what all to do. Roshni gets to know from the receptionist that it was Aman who rescued her yesterday and he also cancelled the deal with princess Mallika.

Roshni goes to the cabin of Aman to give him the papers and also tell him about the schedule for the day. Aman purposely scattered all the papers on the floor and Roshan tried to collect them one by one. Aman is worried to find out a kidney donor for his mother.

While Roshni is waiting for the report so that she can donate her kidney to Parveen. Roshni is restless to get the reports from the hospital and prays that it gets matched with her mother in law.

Precap – Roshni is skeptical to go back in Junaid house for Aman.