Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th October Written Update: Aman gets to know about the Identity of Roshni

The episode begins with Anjum is asking an admin to call Roshni and asks her to come in the house. Aman says do you really think she is Ayana? Anjum says what is so surprising is it? Aman says she talks a lot, his grandmother told him then where it is written that Ayana has to be deaf and dumb.

Aman calls Roshni e and says to her we have got your hair clips please come and collect them from my house. She said I am very busy today and starts to blabbering what all the works she has pending for the day and Aman finds it very irritating. She keeps on talking and talking and at last Aman says I have got your clip please come and collect them in a Hive boys and cuts the call angrily. His grandmother says is this a way to talk to a girl? Then she starts enjoying and celebrating and evidences what is there to be happy about? She said because the girl for whom we are waiting for so many years finally coming to our house. massacred also come there and steps to dance in happiness and Aman finds all of this so ridiculous. Roshni finally comes to Junaid Bhavan and everyone is so excited to see her. Aman also smiles a bit to see her as it is affecting him.

She comes inside but missed touching the flower petal. She directly comes from the month and asks for the clips. Aman doesn’t understand what should he say now? He has to have that we have got your clip but now it was lost again. Roshni gets angry and says I told you what all work I have pending for the day and just for your request I came here leaving all that behind. Aman takes the bowl and gives it to Roshni saying that because I lost your clip I just wanted to say sorry by giving you these flowers.

Roshni imagines Aman is proposing her for marriage and she shouts in the high voice I can’t marry you I am already engaged can’t you see my ring? Aman says who is asking you to get married? Roshni doesn’t understand what to answer and she leaves the house taking rose flowers covered in a leaf.

While going out she stepped on the flowers and it blossoms. A man is telling his grandmother do you really think she’s the one you are looking for? Parveen asks Aman to see that the moment she stepped on the flowers, it blossoms. He gets surprised to see that she is the one angelic girl.

Parveen suddenly feels strange kind of a pain in her hand and discovered there is a sin formed in the net which is the same as the “Rakh Jinn”. Tabeezi informs them that the effect of Jinn has become so powerful, now the water touched by those flowers will also not work. There is only one way out for it that is to bring that angelic girl back while I will try to find some other solution.

A man goes in search of lost me when she is not picking up the calls of him. He finds out the address of Roshni and is about to go when he heard some people are talking about Roshni and Salma in an ill manner. He asked them what the fuss is all about? They say if affected people like you will ask for directions of the address of a courtesan then people will surely make fun of it. This line triggered a bad memory of Aman in him and he goes back to his car to go back home.

Salma noticed the missed calls of Aman in Roshni’s phone. She called him back and ask what he wants to talk about? Aman Seth, I just wanted to talk to Roshni if she is available ask her to come to my house immediately. Aman comes back home and elaborated on the entire incident to his family. Anjum is shocked to know the real story.

Precap – Parveen doesn’t want Roshni to come at Junaid Bhawan. Anjum tries to make her understand that Roshni is not a dancer girl. Parveen says maybe she is not now but you will surely she will become one.