Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th February 2020 Written Update: Kabir makes a comeback in their life

Episode begins with Aman is walking in the hotel premises area with the company paper attached to his tie. Everyone is laughing at Aman while he is walking through The corridor when Imran comes and says to him why are you attaching the paper with your tie and roaming around.

Aman finally realised that people are laughing on him because of this. Roshni is approaching towards Aman with a file when she noticed that the chandelier above him is moving here and there.

Roshni runs to Aman to save him from the danger but as soon as both of them hit the floor, Aman realised what exactly happened to them. Aman looks here and there and realised that the guest at the hotel felt awkward with the incident and he called all his staff members in his given to discuss this.

Roshni steps forward among all the staff members and says it was my responsibility to call the electrician for the chandelier but I was late. Aman asks Roshni to clean the mess scattered on the floor and until it is done, she is not allowed to go anywhere.

Roshni started to clean the glass pieces one after another and it is hurting her as well. On the other side, Chotu is caught inside the fountain by that angel so that he can be a mediator for her to get free from the pot. Roshni gets a call from the hospital that her kidney is almost matched with Praveen and to be 100% sure about it, they need to do some more tests immediately.

Roshni goes to Aman to take a leave for time being and she will be back soon but he denies to give her. Roshni decides that for the sake of the health of Parveen she has to go hospital by any means. Aman was also informed by the hospital staff that finally they have got a match for his mother. Aman gets happy with it and he goes to the hospital to meet her.

Aman send off his assistant to have a check on Salma as he feels Roshni wants to go home for this but he informed Aman she is fine and Roshni is not there.

Roshni comes back to the hotel from the hospital happy as her reports are almost matched with Parveen. She meets Aman who got angry with her for leaving the hotel and her work in the middle and asks her to go to a farmhouse to deliver food items for the marriage house right now.

The other side, the black cat turns out to be none other than Kabir who is back to take revenge from Aman as Parveen is still worried for her son Aman but not for him.

As soon as Roshni reached the farmhouse, she realized that it was a bachelor party where she had come to deliver food items. The people present at the party started to misbehave with her. Aman reaches there on time and beats them to save Roshni while they both are unaware of the comeback of Kabir.

Precap – Roshni comes back to Junaid Bhawan?