Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26th February 2020 Written Update: Kabir attacks on Aman and Alia

Episode begins with Aman and Roshni are walking back from the form house. Kabir appeared in the farmhouse garden area and goes inside groom who is dancing there some moments ago. Aman calls Baazigar to perform his magic and get a car so that he and Roshni can both go back to the home but roshani denies to sit in his car and says she will manage herself to go home.

Aman insists Roshni to sit in his car so that they can go back home but Roshni says you are the one who sends me here in spite of being aware that there is a bachelor party going on. You can hate me but there needs to be some humanity left in the hatred you are showing.

People usually make that person lose in the hatred but in this case you yourself are stupid low to show your hate for me. Roshni starts to work out from there and Aman follows when they heard a big noise from the back wards.

Aman and Roshni both look back and shocked to see that the groom of the marriage is a Jinn with much more power. Aman is trying to call Baazigar but before he can do anything he already attacks him and stopped the way for him to get any help from Baazigar.

Roshni also attacks the person using her powers but before her clips can hit him, he vanishes from there . He appears at another side and Aman and Roshni decides to run away from there as there is no other escape. However, before Aman can do anything, Kabir again attacks on Aman but Roshni comes in front of him and both of them tried to escape but Aman gets hit by the arrows and he starts to bleed. Roshni on the other hand, took Aman to a safe place and tries to heal him but he is slowly sinking and asked Roshni to be with him for the time being.

Roshni tries to go and seek help for him but he says he will be dying soon but he needs her by his side so that he can talk to her. Roshni brings water for Aman when he says to her, how is his life after she left him. He says that I may try to hate you, in fact I want to hate you for the rest of my life but the fact remains same that I love you so much and everyday I miss you and your presence in my life.

In Junaid Bhawan, Chotu rubs the pot and an angel comes out and she is not the one as the statue. Chotu asks for her help to get out from that place and she says I will definitely help you but let me find out the map of this place was so that I can guide you about the right direction. In the morning,

Roshni gets up from sleep and finds among besides her and she gets a call from Farha informs her that Salma is getting worse and her condition is deteriorating. Roshni rushed from there leaving Aman alone to see her mother. Aman gets up and finds nobody in his surroundings.

Precap – Promo of Saturday Roshni coming back home?