Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th November 2019 Written Update

The episode begins with Roshni is sleeping in her room when she gets a call from Sameer. Sameer asks Roshni to come and meet him right now. Roshni says how dare you call me at this time of night? I will not come to meet you at any cost. Sameer says if you don’t come to meet me had this hours then the alliance of Saima and Aftab can get a break. Roshni gets scared of it and she thinks, if I go out of the house at this time what, will Aman think about me? Then she thinks if I don’t go out right now then Sameer can cause harm to the relationship of Aftab and Saima. He decides to go out and meet Sameer but she didn’t inform about it.

However, Roshni goes out of the house breaking the circle which was made by Aman and Anjum for her safety. She breaks it to save the marriage of Saima and goes to meet Sameer. On the other hand, Sameer calls Aman and says I told you that your wife is not loyal to you so just go and check if she is in her room or not? He finds out that Roshni is missing from his room and it triggers him again.

Roshni comes to meet Sameer and berates him for being so desperate and have the audacity to call her at night. she is slams Sameer and says if you dare to do any harm to the happiness of my family or my sister in law and my husband then you will have to face the worst side of me. Sameer noticed that a man reached the place already and he suddenly changed his tone and starts to speak in a low voice with Roshni.

Roshni wonders why he is behaving so good all of a sudden? Before she can understand things Sameer suddenly hugged her tightly leaves Roshni incomplete shock. Aman witnessed them in a hugging position hence he gets more angry on Roshni. Roshni gets shocked to see Aman is present there. But before she can give any statement in her defence Aman asks her to go and sit in the car.

Aman and Sameer had an ugly spat with each other. Roshni is crying to think about the turn of events. Aman asked her violently to sit in the car and he dropped her off at her mother’s place and she’s don’t show up to me ever in this life. Other side, Ada finds out that the circle is removed from the house of Junaid Bhavan and Rakh Jinn can enter the house now.

In the morning Aman is looking after the decorations in the house when Sara and Saima comes to him and say bench presses and not yet ready so can you apply some magic on it so that it can get prepared.

Aman says the stylist is here I go to him and iron your dress yourself. Sara says if it was my sister in law then you will do it in a minute. Saima is getting ready in her room when she gets a call from an unknown number informing her that she has a video to watch on her phone. Saima plays the video and it was her meeting after before marriage separately and she gets scared to see it.

Roshni who is in mother house gets a call from Saima that she needs her in her room immediately as she has something important to discuss which she can’t with her brother or any member of the house. Roshni gets scared to get the call and thinks if everything is alright there?

Precap – Roshni comes at Junaid Bhawan and Aman senses her presence.