Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th October Written Update: Aman develops more misunderstanding regarding Roshni

The episode begins with is slamming and bad-mouthing the upbringing of Roshni. Roshni tells him to say whatever you want, but don’t try to cross your limits regarding my mother. I will not tolerate a single thing against her. She walks out from there and says again after today think twice before calling me or trying to talk to me. Otherwise, your prestige will be down if you talk or interact with a person like me. Aman is so angry that he starts to transform into a beast when Anjum intervenes and puts a metal thing in his hand and he controlled His anger and the transformation doesn’t take place.

Aman transferred Parveen to her room when they suddenly noticed that the signs on a body of Parveen are extracting smokes.

Anjum she is that goes missing from the family picture they had in their room. Anjum gets added and they decided to have a word with Tabeezi as only she can give out a solution to their problem. Anjum calls Tabeezi and asks her to come there as soon as possible as they need her immediately. On the other hand, Roshni comes home devastated and Salma tries to console her. Roshni says to Salma that if people don’t have money, then anyone any day anytime can insult them without knowing their situation. She says to her mother that when I will have my own bakery then we will also become rich and then no one will be there to point finger at us because we will have money. Tabeezi comes at Junaid Bhawan by using her magic door trick. She gets shocked to see the state of Praveen and says she has never seen any situation like that before.

Tabeezi says to the family members of Praveen, only one person can help them out from the situation and that person is none other than Ayana. Anjum says to Tazeezi that Ayana arrived here and we also made her sprinkle water on Parveen but still it doesn’t help much. Tabeezi says this is because she is not being an official member of this family. To make her effective and a shield of Aman before the red moon night, Aman has to get married to her as soon as possible. Without that he will not be able to face Jinn in the coming days. Aman says but I can’t get married to Roshni. A girl like her standard can never become the daughter-in-law of this house or my wife. Tabeezi says the matter is your about the well-being and safety of your mother, rest is in your hand. Think about what you want to do you and she left.

Aman reaches the marriage venue of Roshni and realized that today is her wedding. He remembers the words of Tabeezi and realise he has to get married to Roshni. He went to the house of the would-be groom of Roshni and request him to call off the wedding as the matter is here about someone’s life.

Aman gets to know that the would-be groom of Roshni is already married with a kid and he developed a newfound hatred for Roshni. He went to inform Roshni that her would be groom is already married but Salma in a way to stop him lied to him about Roshni being aware of the fact from earlier. He made up his mind and informs his grandmother that he is going to get married to Roshni by today itself.

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