Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th November 2019 Written Update: Roshni saves Chotu from the Chal Kuan

Episode begins with the henna ceremony of Saima is going to start. Anjum says to baby that she has brought everything but forgot to bring a lemon piece for mehendi. Baby says I forgot it and is going to bring it but Chotu says I am going as nothing in this house can happen without my involvement. After a while Anjum herself bring a lemon piece whereas Sara informs Roshni and Seema that I had a talk with my brother-in-law and he informed me that his phone got stolen. The magic well calls out the name of Chotu.

Anjum asks Roshni to look for Chotu and she is searching for him in the house. Roshni spots the Chal Kuan in the house and she also notices that Chotu is slowly going towards it. She throws the clip towards Aman and runs to save Chotu.

Aman noticed the Chal Kuan and also Roshni but before he can come Roshni already jumped in the water to save Chotu. Aman runs to save Roshni along with Anjum. Soon Roshni comes up with Chotu in hand from the well and Chotu is inside the well. Roshni successfully rescued chhotu from the well and Aman extends his hand to ask Roshni to come up but before she can come up, A strong pull drags Roshni inside the well. Aman calls for baazigar but baazigar is caught inside the cage by Rakh Jinn.

Aman comes to Tabeezi for finding out the way to rescue Roshni from the well. Tabeezi says if you really want to reach Roshni then you have to get drown in the fake well. He drives in it and drags Roshni out of the well.

Both of them are in the room and Aman noticed Baazigar as well. He saw that Roshni still unconscious and he tries to wake her up by saying that usually you talk the whole day and eats my head. When today I am asking you to speak up then you are not talking at all to me. Roshni finally gets into senses and says to Aman that god knows best but you are really talkative.

Anjum comes at the hall and everyone is asking for Aman and Roshni. Anjum says they are upside and we will talk about it later. Parveen senses something is wrong.
At night, Roshni is thinking about women when she gets a video in her phone and also a call from that blackmailer for money.

Moreover, let blackmailer ask Roshni to come with the money at 2:00 am in night time near the gate. Whereas a pair of shoes entered the house of Junaid Bhavan and is secretly following Aman. Anjum comes to mind says that she has something to discuss with him and his wife Roshni. Aman fails to notice the pair of shoes and goes upstairs with his grandmother.

Precap : Rakh Jinn is standing near Aman whereas Roshni and Sara finds out about Saima consuming sleeping pills.