Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th October Written Update: Aman takes Roshni for marriage forcefully

Episode begins with Roshni is getting ready for her marriage. Aman appears at her room using the magic door. He comes in front of her and she gets scared. she calls for her mother and Farah but does a magic trick for which her sound will not go out of the room. She tries to go out of the room but she is not able to do so. Aman forcefully takes her along with him through the magic door and both of them come out in an open ground. Aman comes to her and says you have to marry me by today. Roshni is surprised to listen to such a demand. she says I know you are very much worried for your mother but I am already going to get married today and my marriage procession must be approaching the door of our house. My marriage is fixed and today I am going to get married, so I can’t do what you are asking for. Aman is still under the thinking that she is doing all this for money. He says your tears will not affect me in any way as I know a girl like you can only think about money and nothing else. Roshni hits him with stone and tries to run from there but Aman again does a magic and all the cars which are parked in that ground started to fly in the sky. Roshni is scared and she is not able to understand what to do now. Aman says, “do reach the place I will tell you after 45 minutes from now and in exchange for that I will give you a blank cheque put an amount of your choice and I will not mind. Roshni is offended by his remarks on her but she is too shocked and cared with all that happening to react.

Roshni comes back home and starts to pack her bag and ask her mother also to pack her bags so that they can leave the city immediately. Salma gets to know that Aman has offered her a blank cheque in return of a proposal of getting married to her. She pulls off a drama of being collapsed and having a heart attack so that Rashmi gets bound to do what she desires.

Roshni comes back home and gets shocked to see that the landlord has thrown out all the staff of her and her mother out of the house. She tries to request her to give the key of the house so that she can take the bangle and sell it off to get the money for her mother treatment but her landlord doesn’t pay attention to her pleads and leave from there.

A helpless Roshni finally decides to approach Aman for the required money needed to treat her mother. She thinks whatever she is doing is for her mother and Aman on the other side prepare the cheque and makes up his mind to go ahead for the sake of his mother well being.

Precap : Aman says I know you will come for sure. Roshni asks for her cheque, he says you will get it after marriage.