Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 30th July 2020 Written Update: Roshni strikes a deal with black Jinn

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 30th July 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Roshni trying to take the abbe hayat but Nasreen is continuously making it difficult for her. However she uses her magics at the end to get free from the bindings of chains. She finally gets hold of the magical liquid. On the other side, black Jinn comes to take away the soul of Aman and Roshni reaches the place at the end moment.

She throws the abe hayat towards Aman but before that can reaches Aman, Jinn takes away the soul of Aman. Roshni asks the house members about what happened here behind her back. Rubina says to Roshni, we delayed a bit. A jinn never forgets about his credits and belonging. He will always come back to take away what belongs to him. So he comes here to take away the soul of Aman along with him. Roshni says I will not give up this soon and he decides to visit the cave of black Jinn. She enters the cave and calls the black Jinn by chanting his name. Black Jinn comes to Roshni and asks why did you call me?

Roshni says to him, I came here to take away my husband along with me. He says only I have the right over him and he never belongs to you. Roshni says when a wife can come to her determination then the whole system has to change for the sake of it. She says to him that I am ready to take any sort of prize to get back the soul of my husband, Aman. Reyhaan comes there and says not you but I will pay the price. He needs a Jinn and I am ready to sacrifice my life for my brother.

Roshni stops him and says this is my fight for my husband so please let me do the deal with it. She says to Jinn that I am ready to pay any kind of price you are asking for my husband. Jinn says you have to give me your first child in exchange off the life of Aman. Reyhaan asks Roshni not to say yes for this condition but she gives her approval for the condition and says I am ready to do whatever you are asking but in return give me back my husband’s life right now. Jinn gives the soul of Aman back to Roshni. She comes back home with Reyhaan and keeps the box with Aman soul besides his body. The soul comes out of the box and goes inside the body of Aman. However, he is not opening his eyes and everybody in the family gets anxious about it. Roshni starts to say the same lines the entire Junaid family says when in crisis.

Reyhaan also joins them and finally Aman opens his eyes and all get happy. Aman meets all and Roshni too at the end and they share a hug. Aman says I hope now no sorrow can touch us at all, while Roshni thinks about the condition of Jinn and exchanges a look with Reyhaan.

Precap – Aman wants to believe Roshni and holds her words as ultimum.