Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 30th October Written Update: Aman and Roshni get married to each other

Episode begins with Aman is waiting for Roshni and he is checking his time there are only a few minutes left for the sunset and then he sees Roshni is standing there. He comes in front of Roshni and says I know you will come and Roshni asks him where is my cheque and Aman shows had the cheque and she is going to take that but she says you will get it after the Nikah. Roshni and Aman both says qubool hai to each other thinking about their circumstances. Suddenly the weather changed and it started raining but Aman stops it with his magic. Aman also say yes for the marriage and the magic door appears behind their back. Both of them ran towards the door and they appeared in the Junaid bhawan directly. Roshni is taken aback by all that happened in the house.

Aman took Roshni directly inside the room so that mother can get better. He made me hold the hand of Parveen but it is not resulting in anything. Anjum remembers the words of Tabeezi and she took Roshni near the window and says take the rays of sun in your hand and get it touched by Parveen. Roshni says I don’t know what are you expectations from me, in fact, I don’t even realise before today that magic exist in the real world. Anjum says belief in yourself and do it the rest will be taken care of by Allah. Roshni says I don’t know what is going to happen but I surely know what shouldn’t happen. No child should get deprived of their parents and she tries to take the rays in her hand. Suddenly she sees that a light ball is forming in her hand and the day is getting stronger.

All these are really surprising for Roshni while the other persons who are present in the room are getting happy to see that it is working. Roshni holds the ray in her hand properly and take it near Parveen. She made the ray fall on Parveen and it does magic and all the signs get abolished from the body of Aman’s mother. However, the sign formed a black shadow and it is rotating in the room. Aman tries to break it with his magic but his magic is not working on it. I tried several times but the result is unchanged. Anjum remembers the past experience of a similar incident and she made Roshni hold the hand of Aman and ask him to try again.

Aman does it on his grandmother’s instruction and this time his magic worked and he is able to destroy the black sign smoke. Roshni is shocked beyond imagination and she left his hand immediately. Parveen gets her sense back and she noticed Roshni in the room and gets angry that what she is doing in my house? Roshni thinks now her own mother will be fine as well. In the hospital, the doctor says to Salma that she is fine and her daughter Roshni is being scared for no reason. Salma says to the doctor you will tell Roshni what I ask you to say that I am very much and so much money is required for my treatment. She thinks in her mind Roshni will do anything to save her and in this way, she will get a billionaire son in law who can give so much money. She gets happy with her good fortune.

Precap – Roshni plays an instrument that she is leaving the house and there is no need to follow her or else the consequences will be no good for him.