Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 31st October Written Update: Roshni and Aman had an argument

Episode begins with Parveen upset with the fact that her money is now married to that girl she is not much approved off. She says to her mother in law that I told you that I don’t like that girl and she is not even a person who can match up to this house standard and class. Anjum says but she is the one who saved your life and further time she is going to save the life of Aman as well.

The red moon night is going to appear soon and only Roshni have that power to come between Aman and that danger. Parveen says I understand that you are doing all this for the well being of Aman but mark my words she is going to break this house soon because that is what she has learnt all her life. Aman compare and says I do agree with my mother is what I know about her is not known to you all. He tells them that she is going to marry a person who is already married and father of one child. a man says that when he went back to her house to inform them that is already married, he comes to know there that is already aware of all the things and she is marrying him with all her wish.

Anjum refuse to believe all this claims and she said I know she is your wife, the daughter in law of this house and she deserves the same amount of respect and position in this house which a daughter-in-law rightfully deserves. Anjum said she will leave here with all the rights and position she holds in the house and there will be no second opinion on this. Aman and Parveen unwillingly agrees to her terms.

Roshni gifts to see the video where the flowers are blossoming with her touch and she is shocked to realise that she can do this. Roshni se but I don’t know how to do magic, chhotu says you have to believe in yourself if you start believing then the magic will happen. Roshni says I have to go and have a check on my mother as she is ill.

Nachni comes in the hospital when the doctor says to sort of danger now and they will shift her in general ward. She comes back home late at night and secretly enters but Aman is waiting for her. Aman saves from where are you returning in the late hours of the night. Whatever you used to do in your mother’s house you can’t do that here because we belong from a respected and cultured family. Roshni get very often get with his words and she says all the time you keep on talking about class and reputation and standards but you yourself has no class. People who use others for their own benefit can’t be classy people at all. It is you who come to my house and forcefully married me not the other way round. stop imposing on me that you are a very classy person and I am someone who doesn’t deserve the basic respect. She says I am going from here and don’t even try to come after me. Aman stops her and says the long you are going to stay your you have to listen and do whatever I ask you to.

Roshni tries to do a magic and save that I want to believe that I am that Angel girl you are looking for. A man says yes you are the one and that is the misfortune of me and my family.

He takes Roshni inside this room and says go and sleep on bed and I will sleep on the couch. Roshni starts to cry in a corner after he slept and says I want to go to my mother and I don’t want to live here. Baazigar listens to her pleads and give her company and he also gives her a chocolate. I want to go to my mother as she is not well but then the words of Aman echoed in her mind.

Precap – Aman scares Roshni and both of them fell on the bed and the flower blossoms again.