Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd August 2020 Written Update: Roshni tries to annoy Aman

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aman talking to himself about Roshni being less romantic post losing her powers. Reyhaan is also talking to himself that he again fails to finds out Farhaan. Aman and Rehaan noticed that both of them are disturbed. Aman tries to speak but stopped and then Rehaan asked Aman about the things. On the other side, someone is spying on Junaid Bhawan from other side.

However, before that spy camera can catch Aman and Rehaan, Anjum stops them. Roshni goes to meet Farhaan and Rubina but she meets Shayari there. Shayari does poetry in all her talks and Roshni finds her cute. Roshni by mistake broke a vase by mistake and her leg got cut too. Roshni discussed her problems with Shayari in an indirect way. Shayari gives her some kinds of suggestions to keep her husband away. Shayari bandages her leg and talks about kids when Roshni gets a strange kind of hollow feelings. Aman talks to Rubina about Roshni being absent minded. Rubina says to him she must be feeling empty inside due to the miscarriage even if she has no idea about it. That’s how a mother used to be.

Roshni comes home and starts to eat so many food items all together and Aman comes back home and noticed her foods then Aman gets remind of the words of Rubina. He also joins along with her in that and he is also cracking jokes along with her and Roshni thinks how to keep Aman away now. Rehaan goes out of the house and meets Shayari on the way. She asks for his lift by saying a lie but Rehaan is listening to her words and is finding her weird. She says in front of Rehaan about appearing for an interview in his company. She was discussing about his looks with her friend and Rehaan is noticing everything but keeps silence. Aman calls Rubina to inform her about the changed behavior of Roshni and she is being asleep most of the time.

Rubina says she needs a lot of rest post her miscarriage and I will give you some vitamins as she must be weak. Rubina also advised Aman to take Roshni away for an outing. Roshni gets to listen only half of the conversation and thinks Aman is guessing she is going mad and she hallucinates that she is chained up in a dark room and she has to plead to all about not being mentally ill. She thinks what to do to convince Aman now.

Precap – Aman lets Roshni know about her terminated pregnancy when she asks about the medicines he is giving to her.