Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd January 2020 Written Update: Parveen Kills Kabir in order to get the throne

Episode begins with everyone is standing outside and Roshni says the night is looking beautiful, Aman says this night is very dangerous too. Anjum sales today that sword is going to come down from the sky and whoever will be able to hold up the sword he or she will become the new king of the Jinnath. Parveen is in her room when a man comes to meet her and she provoked him to go to the jungle in the name of Roshni, she said to him if Kabir becomes more powerful then no one will be able to stop her at all. He wants to achieve Roshni and after this you will never be able to fight with him.

Aman here this and goes to the Jungle to fight with Kabir and he locks Roshni in his room so that she doesn’t come behind him. He told her not to follow him this time as he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Aman left from the place and Roshni is trying to get out of that cage made by Aman. Kabir is in the Jungle and he is waiting for a man to come because he believes he will be there for the greed of power. Aman says I have nothing to do with powers but I am here to stop you so that the power and authority doesn’t go in the wrong hands Kabir says you have so much hatred against your own brother? This thing is hurting me so much and he is ready to attack on Aman.

Aman calls for Baazigar but before that can be made his first move and Aman falls on the ground and he is finding it difficult to get up. Rubina is trying to to find out what is going to happen next or when Parveen comes there and does her magic so that Rubina doesn’t get to know anything about her and also about the fight between Kabir and Aman.

Roshni is trying to get out from the cage when Chotu comes in the room and noticed it. Roshani asked him to bring someone elder in the room so that she can seek help. Anjum, Sara, Saima, Baby all came in the room of Aman and tries to help out Roshni. Roshni finally gets hold of the clips and she used it to break the cage and comes out. Aman is finding it difficult to even stand up when the rain of the stars already started and the sword came down from heaven to the earth.

Kabir is about to attack on Aman when someone else attacked him from the back. An arrow comes and stabs Kabir from the back and he falls on the ground while Aman is finding everything out of the place. Kabir rolls down on the ground and comes to Parveen. He says you never love me that is why due to power you can kill your own son. You only loved Aman, Parveen says you didn’t know me well, I am sfriti Jinn and loving someone else is not in our tradition. Hence, let me tell you this arrow has your name written on it and the next one will be for Aman. She takes out his heart from the body of Kabir and he breathes his last.

Aman is trying to look for Kabir but he is not able to find him out . Roshni is all set to come and join Aman in the jungle. However, Parveen is getting ready to kill Aman as well.

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