Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd September 2020 Written Update: Aman gets a task from Jinn

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aman and Roshni are inside the tunnel and trying to enter proceed further but Kaala jinn comes there and creates an earthquake so that Aman and Roshni can not travel to future. Roshni gets stuck inside while Aman tries to rescue her. The house mates are also feeling the aftereffects of it and finally Aman and Roshni comes out of it and the eartquake gets stopped.

Rehaan blames Shayari for causing it solely. He says it was your idea and you must want to capture Aman and Roshni inside the tunnel for lifetime. Roshni stops Rehaan from blaming Shayari but he says it must be her plan all along. Rubina noticed kaala jinn and they understand what can be the real cause of the sudden earthquake. Kaala jinn goes away and they think what can be done now to this problem. Aman comes outside of the house and calls Kaala Jinn and Roshni and other family members tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen.

Kala jinn comes there and says at first you people don’t keep your promises but then got the audacity to call me anytime like this. Aman begs in front of him to leave him and his family and let them go from here as they want peace and security in their life. Kaala jinn mocks Aman but he says today I am just a father and not a king of Jinnath. He again pleads in front of him and finally he says if you and your wife both are requesting so much then I will consider your thinking.

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He says your father did a deal with me, Aman says yes and I will fulfill it today, I will go with you. Roshni says, spare him and take me away instead please. Take an Ayana with you instead of a jinn, she says. KJ says what if I tell you that I don’t want to take anyone of you with me. They got confused with his words when he says I will take away your kid rather as he has both of your powers. Aman and Roshni request him to spare their kid as he has no fault in all these.

KJ says ok fine I will not take him away with me but Jinn never make one sided open ended deal. Hence, if I am giving away anything, then I want something in return too and he assigned them a task of to know about his real name as kaala jinn is not his name. He says to Aman you will get three different challenges means three different dangers. If he overcomes them successfully then he will be able to find out his name.

Aman and Roshni agrees to every terms and conditions with him. KJ left and they wonder how to do it properly now? Roshni says but before anything we will do the naming ceremony of our baby. They arranged for everything and the housemates are rejoicing in ecstasy and Roshni and Aman named him “Armaan” and everyone gives their blessings to the new born.

When the door of the house get opened and they noticed a magical jug is walking towards them and it is a first golden chirag from Jinn side. Aman tries to open it many times but couldn’t be able to do it. Shayari says I will try to find out the names using my research powers and Rehaan says I will also come as I don’t trust you. They goes together after a small banter of them and Aman thinks why he is unable to open the magical jug?

Precap – Roshni notices her son Armaan goes missing from the room while Aman notices the jug is open now.