Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4th November Written Update: Aman and Roshni celebrates their Sangeet Ceremony

Episode starts with Aman is thinking about his harsh words for Roshni and then he thinks about the advice of Anjum and decides he will go to have a check on the health Roshni’s mother. hi consulted with the doctor and also as his assistant to take the reports of Salma and consult with their family physician as he wants a second opinion on this. Salma behaves like an innocent victim mother of Roshni and says you people are from such a big and reputed family if you come to our house with the alliance proposal I will surely not deny. Then what was the need to get married in such a way? Anjum says to Salma that once she will be fit and fine they will discuss this matter. Salma ask them to take care of a daughter Roshni and keep her happy. Engine says your daughter will our daughter now and we will take care of her. Aman comes home and tries to make his mother agree to come down for the sangeet ceremony.

Parveen says she doesn’t want to be a part of this celebrations as all of these are done under applications and people don’t celebrate things that have done under some pressure. Anjum comes and says to them the celebration was needed because everybody is aware of the fact that Aman is married now. Neighbours, relatives, family, friends, everybody wants to meet the new daughter-in-law of our house. In such a situation we cannot hide Roshni in our home so celebrating this location is necessary for our sake. Aman leaves from the room and Anjum says to Parveen what you are doing is also not correct. This is not how one should treat their daughter in law, she needs to be treated with love, care and respect. Parveen says think whatever you want but I will never except Roshni as a wife of Aman. Anjum says this is not the right time to discuss all these, the guests have started to appear so get ready and come down soon.

Roshni comes down with her sister in laws and chotu. Aman noticed her and sees she is wearing a pink dress. Aman reminds of roshni’s words for her mother that she likes that dress for sangeet ceremony but if it was in blue colour she will like it more. He calls for baazigar and he is also staring at Roshni. Hi again call save and then the hawk transforms into the magic stick of him. He changes the colour of the dress of Roshni and she gets happy. Everyone in the house celebrates the ceremony of Sangeet by dancing and singing while on the other side, Ada decides to submit herself completely to Jinn a way to get Aman. Tabeeji informs Anjum to keep Aman in check as the negative energies are getting stronger today. She advised Anjum to keep Aman caged for the night. Aman gets into a fight with some guests for bad mouthing about Roshni.

Precap : Roshni cries to see the state of Aman and she delicately tends the wounds of an unconscious Aman.

Precap :