Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5th November Written Update: Aman is chained by Anjum to gets saved from Jinn effect

The episode begins with Aman is fighting with the guests who are present in the house for making video of Roshni and saying odd things about her. He is slowly getting transformed but Roshni keeps her hand on him and he doesn’t transform into the demon he is. He gets back to his senses and says sorry to the guests. He was going back but some of them says ill words about his mother and Roshni and he gets super angry and runs to thrash him. All the guests leave the house and the family members gets scared to see him like that. Aman is going upstairs when he sees he is transforming slowly into the demon. Anjum thinks about the words of Tabeezi and gets worried. Roshni cries to see the ongoing events in the house. Aman sees himself and his hand is developing changes. He looks at his surroundings as he is feeling embarrassed. Roshni is looking at him with widened eyes. As she is not habituated with all these things. Aman is feeling dizzy and disturbed.

Anjum and the family gets Aman chained up so that he doesn’t get influenced by the effect of Jinn and dark negativity. Parveen comes forward and Roshni for bringing bad Omen to this house. Aman locks himself inside the room as he is slowly transforming into a demon. Anjum says to Praveen this is not the right time to discuss and ask Roshni to be with Aman. Roshni comes to the room of Aman and confesses the truth behind her going for dance in the reception party of MLA. Roshni witnesses the unwanted side of Aman. He warns Roshni to go away from there as it is not safe to be with him at this moment. He gets unconscious then and faints. He is injured and unconscious when Roshni comes to him and slowly tends his wounds with her scarf with teary eyes so that he can feel good. She looks at him with teary eyes and feels sorry for him. Anjum and Tabeezi meet with each other and discuss the misfortune Aman has to because of his father Junaid.

Tabeezi says the day his father made the deal with Jinn, his destiny was already written like this. Now that he is married to Ayana, we can hope for him to be finally happy and secure from the clutches of Jinn. Anjum feels sorry for Aman and Roshni. She cries that Aman has to go through so much always and whenever he demands answers to all these she usually has no answers to it. Roshni is tending the wounds of Aman when suddenly he opened his eyes and Roshni gets scared to see him. She is about to go from there but Aman holds her by her neck and strangled her. She tries to get free but he doesn’t let her go and completely grabs her in his arms. Roshni struggles to free herself.

Precap – Aman finds an injured and unconscious Roshni and he feels sad for her.