Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6th January 2020 Written Update:Aman becomes the king of the Jinn nath unintentionally and grabs the sword


Episode begins with Aman is trying to look for Kabir but before he can notice Parveen hides in a corner and the body of Kabir vanishes off in the air. He is trying to figure out Kabir and Parveen says from a corner there are so many things which you don’t know yet and she says Aman can be killed only when the rain of the stars will start. She fired the arrows and Roshni comes there and asks Aman to run from there and she also runs from there behind him and Parveen is smiling seeing them.

Aman unables to run and stumble and fall down when he saw the arrows are coming towards him but at the end moment Roshni comes in front of him and saves him and the rain of the stars start. Parveen gets annoyed to see Roshni is present there. Roshni says I told you that you will need me anyhow, Aman says you will never going to listen to me. Roshni says you don’t even talk like things which one can listen. She says this arrows have a zero size figure and they are so weightfull.

Parveen decides to throw the arrow with the name of Aman and it will hit him only. Aman is spending time with Roshni and they both hugged each other. Before Aman and Roshni can have their own moment Aman noticed an arrow is coming towards him and he saved himself from the sword 2-3 times.

Roshni gets to see his sign on his neck is glowing and the sword is also glowing. Aman went and touched the sword and breaks the arrow with the help of the sword.
Parveen comes in front of Aman and Roshni in her original form and Aman shows him the sword and he vanishes off from there. He says this power made Kabir go on a wrong path and I don’t want to repeat the same thing at all hence I will give the sword back to the place from where it came and he launches the sword in the air and it goes into the sky again and runs with Roshni towards the “Pital Darwaja” unaware of the fact that the sword is already picked him as his boss and he is now the king of the sultanate of Jinn.

Hence, his entire world is changed now and he has no say in it. Both of them come back home when Parveen asks Roshni how she gets a cut in her hand, Roshni says it must have got me during the jungle struggle. Anjum asks Rubina why the sign is still in the neck of Aman? Rubina asks Aman did he touched the sword? He shouldn’t have done that as it is not only dangerous to him but his family. She asks Aman to burn the clothes he is wearing in the holy fire of blue.

The sword comes to the house of Aman but before Anjum can see it Parveen takes it in her room and does some magic on it so Aman will be converted into a negative person and Roshni has to kill him then left with no options. She gives some powers from her ring to the sword and says only 24 hours are left.

Aman and Roshni spent some romantic moments with each other and Aman says I need to burn the clothes as soon as possible.

Precap – Chotu got some magical powers and Jinn extinct in him all of a sudden. Aman and Roshni get shocked to this.

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