Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th January 2020 Written Update: The magic of Parveen shows the effect on Aman and family


Yehh Jadu Hai jinka 7th January 2020 written updateEpisode begins with Roshni is remembering the moment Aman touched the sword and he is standing near the blue holy fire in which he has to burn all the clothes he wears that night. He decided to burn the clothes one after another in the fire but the fire suddenly dozes off.

Aman again lights up the fire but the fire goes out of the circle and captured Baby suddenly. All of them rushes to her so that she can be rescued when should you noticed the shoes of a man what he wears in the night of the rain of the stars. The moment chhotu stepped inside the shoes he comes under the spell of Jinn. Aman rescued Baby And wonders how come the fire comes at this far distance on his own?

Suddenly he noticed that Roshni is missing among them. He goes to look for Roshni inside the house and finds her lying on the bed. He asks her if she is ok? She says she is having pain in her hand.

Aman noticed that small scar on her hand has become a big wound all of a sudden. Moreover he noticed that roshani has got some temperature as well. He does some pampering of Roshni and gets her to sleep.

In the morning Chotu is playing with the ball and hits it quite hard at the moment. Saima comes there and take the ball in her hand and says come with me as Baby has made chocolate milkshake for him. He asks for his ball from Saima and he breaks the glasses of the window in anger.

Later on, Aman notice scattered pieces of the glasses in his house and he wonders what is happening in the house? Roshni says to Anjum that whatever happened last night with baby and me and then the sign on the neck of hamen is still intact.

All of these are somehow connected with each other because it is not looking like something is happening out of coincidence. Baby comes there and inform them that Soha is coming.

Roshni asks Aman who is Soha? He says that she is the biological mother of Chotu but she never loved her own son ever. He says let her come I will deal with her. Soha comes and demands to take away Chotu from the family with her.

Aman tries to make her understand that she cannot do that against the will of Chotu but she doesn’t listen and tries to take Chotu from there forcefully.

Chotu who is under the spell of Jinn shouts in anger and the car kept outside the house starts to fly in the air and falls on the ground.

Everyone is shocked to see this and later on Aman also gets into the same form like earlier when he used to convert into a beast. Rubina tried to do something to cure the problems of women but Parveen blocked her way.

Later on Rubina says to everybody that even if Aman left the sword but the sword didn’t left Aman and it is somewhere in this house only. Roshni ask how should we find it out?

Aman blends himself or whatever happening in this house when Roshni assured him that both of them will fightback any problems that comes in their way. Aman says to Roshni that if he goes in a wrong way then she will try to stop him at any cost. Roshni agrees to his demand when he says even if you have to kill me for this then also you will not stop there. Roshni says whatever you said to de do not repeat it again in life.

Precap – Aman tries to attack the family but Roshni stops him and later on she stabs him with the same sword.

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