Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka: Aman brings Roshni and her mother Salma at Junaid Bhavan

Star Plus supernatural show Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka is finally all set to launch the love story of Aman and Roshni in full swing post the dreadful night of red moon. Aman who was not even aware of his real feelings for Roshni finally realised that he is in love with her and want her in his life. The audience of the show has seen so much of drama from the very start and finally they can get to see some light hearted moments in the daily.

A new side of the character of Junaid Khan is going to come out in the upcoming episodes of the daily. In the past episodes of this daily, Roshni saved from jind by sacrificing her own life and he realised his love for her. However, Roshni is back from the lap of death and no one is aware about how she came back to be alive again.

Aman is happy because he thinks that destiny has given him another chance to rectify his past mistakes and start a new and fresh life with Roshni all over again. Roshni on the other side is under the spell of Jinn and she has completely forgotten about her relationship with Aman and her real identity.

catching up in such a tough spot a man has decided to fight for his love and try to win it back again. He made a plan and decides to act on it. In tonight’s episode of the show the viewers will get to see, Aman will pay a visit to the house of Roshni along with Kabir. He does magic and the entire house of Roshni breaks down due to earthquake. He puts Roshni and her mother in such a situation that they are kind of left with no choice but to agree on his command.

Aman proposed them to stay at their house on rent as Roshni will not take any favour from anyone. Will Aman gets successful to bring back the memories of Roshni?

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