Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 10th January 2020: Aman and Roshni to celebrate their first night post marriage


Yah Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th January 2020 written updateEpisode begins with Parveen comes out of the soil and cleans her face. She looks at the Junaid palace with cunning eyes and she comes inside and tells Soha if you want to be a life then you have to do what I will ask you for.

Roshni gets up from her sleep and noticed sun rays are falling on the face of Aman. She covers the window with her magic powers. She says I could get up and cover the window as well but if I get up then how will I show the powers of my biceps?

She keeps on talking and suddenly realised that someone is still sleeping. She looks at Aman and says when Aman closes his eyes and sleeps he looked cutest than ever. A man says if you could keep your mouth shut for sometime then it will be more good. Roshani says do you know the whole world is waiting to hear my voice?

Aman is asking her will she leave him ever? Roshni says Ican die but will never leave you ever. Both of them get romantic when suddenly Chotu comes there and asks what is this going on Aman chachu?

Aman says nothing when Chotu ask you said that you will make breakfast for me today. Russian Aman goes to make breakfast for the entire family and they got busy in baking cookies and donuts.

Aman is thinking how to initiate the talks with Roshni for taking their relationship to the next level. Roshni said that I have something to say and she asks Aman that we had red moon night, we had rain of the star night but we are yet to have our special night. Later in the day, all of them bring the freshly baked things on the table for all to do breakfast.

Anjum says Aman makes such delicious foods that my diet always goes for a toss. Roshni says basically the entire blame goes to Chotu because whatever is made today is his choice. All of them are having breakfast when Roshni suddenly says I am going to bring plates and Aman also goes from their saying that I am going to bring spoons and tissues.

Both of them spend some moments with each other in the kitchen and discussing about their special night when Suddenly Chotu comes there to annoy them. Aman asks him how did you land in every moment?

Chotu says I just came like that here. Parveen is noticing that aman and Roshni are coming close with each other and she gets irked with it. Salma says that I am going to meet my cousin sisters tonight with Roshni but Aman suddenly shouts No and all of them get shocked to see his reaction.

Roshni also says that she doesn’t want to go. Parveen another hand, does some magic with various ingredients and sources after this a man and roshani can never stand against me together, my magic will never let them come close.

Parveen applies some magic on Roshni while she is sleeping with Chotu. Roshni gets up from sleep and messaged among that time has come for the deed and I am going to the room of Sara to get ready and it will be a surprise for you.

Precap – Aman and Roshni are in the swimming pool and they are coming close to each other. Parveen does some magic on Aman.

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