Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 11th December 2019: Kabir kills the family members of Aman

Episode begins with Aman gets terrified with the visuals when Tabeezi says red moon is not a normal that shows in the but it is something Jinn will call from the underground. Parveen refuses to believe any such claims and this woman is a liar and I will throw her out of my house right now. She didn’t listen to anybody and throws Tabeezi out of the house. Anjum asks Parveen to listen to her but she didn’t listen to anybody and does what she wants.

Allah decide roshani is feeding the kid fruits when he asks for water. Rajnikanth in the kitchen and is looking for stuff when she noticed that her clips are kept and it is in the house of Kabir. She gets shocked and ask him who he is after finding out those clips. Kabir locks Roshni in a room and she is trying hard to get out from that but is not able to do so and finally she thinks of to call someone from the house to get the updates.

The other side Aman noticed that the fire train has started and he is looking at it with wide eyes as things are happening at the same way as Tabeezi says to them. Aman gets hit by a circle of fire and he realised that he is again converting into a beast, he tries to control himself but regained circle of fire hit him and he falls on the floor. Anjum comes there and she noticed the entire thing. she gets terrified with the visual in front of and ask for the change to tied up a month so that he cannot go out of the house.

All the family members help each other to tie up Aman with the change and when Aman calls for Baazigar, Anjum stops it. She requested the hawk not to help Aman for his well being today.

She said to him that she has to to put him up in the cage so that he cannot go near Aman. There was a knock on the door and Anjum says that we will not open the door at any cost. Tabeezi says that no matter what happened we will not going to open the door for anybody. Parveen as usual didn’t listen to anybody in the house and open the door because she feels she is right in doing this. It was Adaa outside the house and she entered the home. She comes to Aman and says I will finish off your family in a low voice so that no one can get to listen. Anjum says to close the door and windows, while doing so Anjum gets to see the real Ada is standing outside and the one inside of their house is none other than Kabir. Roshni call Chotu and ask him to take her in video call after listening that there are two Ada in the house. Kabir takes out a knife, Anjum comes to confront him about his real identity as he is in disguise of Ada. Kabeer stabbed Anjum, Sara, Saima and Parveen one after another mercilessly and brutally. Roshni witnessed the whole thing on the video call and she says that she can’t sit like this and she has to go out of this room anyhow. Kabir slowly processing towards Mr Chotu while Aman requested him not to do that.

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