Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 11th November 2019: Baazigar regains his life again with the help of Roshni

Episode begins with the entire family is crying and mourning over the death of Baazigar. Roshni is also crying along with the entire family as baazigar saved her life from that attackers. She asks isn’t there no magic or trick that can bring back the life of Baazigar? There has to be something or some way which can bring back the life of this hawk. He has to come back and he can’t go like this. Aman gets a Ray of hope with the words of Roshni and he ask her to follow him. He runs to the library area of their house where all the books are kept. He starts to take out all the books from the shelf and hang them in a year and ask everybody else to check in each and every book as he reach somewhere that Baazigar can’t die ever.Anjum says but how come I will check from each and every book as there are so many books. Aman says do not lose hope and keep trying and the book will itself find out them. Roshni is going through a book and suddenly a replica of the hawk arrived in front of her eyes and Aman recognises the book is the one to be he and the entire family is looking for. Aman goes through it and they all went to dig the hawk inside the soil and Aman tried to bring him back the way he wants. The magic starts to work but it didn’t bring out the Baazigar alive. Aman cries and says I love you as much as I love my own family. We are eat to do so many magics together and play along with the struggles of life. you are my friend, in fact my dearest friend so how come you can leave me in the middle like this and left? You have to come back for the sake of our friendship. Roshni feels dejected and remembers how Baazigar saved her life from the arrows and take it upon him. She goes near the digging area and says sorry to Baazigar phone not able to do to bring back his life. Suddenly her tear drops fall on the soil and a light comes out from inside. The replica of the hawk in front of them and slowly it transforms into Baazigar. The entire family gets happy to see he is back.

Aman looks at Roshni with thankful eyes. The Rakh jinn gets angry to see her plan flopped big time. Later on, roshni gets settled with the entire family. Roshni gets happy and overwhelmed to see them showering so much love and care on her.

Anjum gives Roshni their ancestral traditional bangle as a sign of blessings. Roshni gets happy and hugs Anjum and Aman gets happy to see all these and he smiles so much. Baby suddenly forgot everything and everybody laugh over this.

Precap : Aman and Roshni spend some nice and romantic moments.