Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 12th November 2019: Rakh Jinn makes Salma it’s pawn too

Episode begins with Roshni if she is feeling anything unusual or is she feeling ill? Roshni sales from the past two days I am not able to take a bath or have anything to eat so I am feeling a bit messy and hungry as well. So tell me what you want to have in your food meal? Roshni din starts from chow mein biryani to deserts and she just give him a long list of foods. Aman looks at her with surprising I said you are very talkative and you are not letting me speak. I have two rules in my life talk less and eat limited. Aman is completely taken aback with her way of living life.

Aman says to her please wait for sometime while I am arranging the food for you. He does magic and a table full of meals she is asking for appeared in front of her. She is happy to see so many foods on the table and it is getting served in front of her in a plate automatically and magically. She enjoys the whole thing and giggling like a kid, Aman is enjoying the sight. Roshni gets happy to see all the favourite food of her is on the plate. She says to Aman all these are looking fine but what about the deserts? Aman says you can start with the main course while I will arrange the deserts soon while looking in another direction. When he looks back at Roshni he gets stunned to see all the foods are empty and he couldn’t believe his eyes that she completely finished it off in a blink of an eye. He looks under the table as well to check but Roshni actually ate it all in a go.

Rakh Jinn on the other side is trying to make Salma agree that she is a part of Jinn and can do magic. Salma says maybe I don’t have so many properties in my fate but intelligence and presence of mind is always there. She refused to believe the claims of Ada and Rakh Jinn. She says I am not going to believe in your stories when Rakh Jinn tension magic in front of hard to make her believe that she is the one.

Aman is preparing desserts for Roshni when Roshni comes to him and tries to make him understand that there are some dust of flour in his forehead but he couldn’t understand. Hence she cleans it off with her cheek and runs from there. Salma surrendered herself under the spell of Jinn and says if she got everything she wanted from her then she will leave no stone unturned to separate Roshni from Aman. She will feel the mind of Aman with so much hate for Roshni that he will leave her eventually.

Aman helps Roshni in taking a bath and washing of her hair and also give her a dress to get ready and they share some romantic eyelock and Roshni feels shy thinking about those moments as she is slowly falling in love with him. Aman gets a call from his PA who informed him that Salma faked his illness and the money he deposited at the hospital for her treatment, they took it off.

Precap : Someone pushed Roshni from a cliff while Aman failed to save her.