Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 13th January 2020: Roshni gets to know about who is doing magic around her


Episode begins with Aman is decorating the bed with “Nargisi Kali”. Things I will make every dream of yours true. He also decorated cake for her. Roshni is getting ready in the room of Sara and Aman calls her to know when she is coming. Sara teases Roshni and she is blushing hard. Roshni is going to the room of Aman when Parveen does magic on Roshni and she starts to hallucinating things that her mother Salma is getting insulted by Parveen. She tries to stop her from insulting but Parveen does magic on Salma.

Both of them start to deny her claims and Parveen asks Roshni what are you saying dear? Roshni says to Aman, your mother is insulting my mother and is calling her thief. No one is ready to believe her and Salma says why are you saying this when Parveen is just talking to me and we’re just discussing stuff. Roshni is not understanding what is happening to her.

Suddenly she is just about to talk when she faints in arms of Aman. Aman took her to his room and puts her into sleep. after sometime Roshni gets back her consciousness and she is crying that no one is believing her and what she sees. Anjum says to Aman that she had a talk with Rubina regarding this and she says that once Kabir tried to keep his control on the brain of roshani and maybe the after effects of it are still there. Hence she is not able to react properly to the situations and stuff. Aman says whatever it is but he has to make Roshni fit and fine like earlier.

Roshni asks her mother why did you lied in front of all? Salma tries to make her understand that she is hallucinating things and nothing that sort of thing happen in reality but Roshni is hurt and she goes from there. Aman brings soup for her and she says stop treating me like a patient, I am not one. She says to Aman at least you should have trust me that I am not saying anything lie.

Aman tries to say to Roshni that I believe u more than myself and I know you cannot say anything just like that. What I am trying to say you is whatever is a problem we will solve it out together and I am always with you. realised that Roshni has got temperature and he ask her to take some rest when she says today was supposed to be our special night. Aman says you are forgetting things happening around you but you didn’t forget about our first night? Why should I remember only the bad things and forget the high points of my love life? Roshni what’s up in the morning and goes to meet Rubina. Rubina tries to look for a solution but she is not finding anything.

Rubina says maybe there is something is out of her knowledge and she gives her and drink as an indicator that whenever whoever will try to do some magic around you this rain will start to grow and you will get an indication instantly. All you need to do is keeping a track of this ring and be cautious always.

Roshni comes home and she is that aman and Anjum are talking in front of heart and saying something unlike. Roshni got hurt to hear this but then she stops and realised that maybe again someone is trying to create a rift between her and Aman. She noticed the doing in her finger is glowing and the finger is going in a particular direction and she keeps on saying that don’t do this to me Aman and following the way. She realized that aman and anjuman not even there in front of her.

The ring goes into the room where Parveen is heading and enjoying the show. Parveen comes out in open and noticed that there was nobody in the hall. Suddenly Roshni comes from behind of Parveen and calls her and caught her doing magic red handed.

Precap – Parveen and Roshni challenge each other.

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