Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 13th November 2019: Aman gets angry with Roshni again due to misunderstanding

Episode begins with Aman and his mother are talking with each other. Parveen asks him to promise her that he is not getting attached to Roshni in anyway. Aman reminds his moments with Roshni and then she also called the words of his PA about Salma faking her illness and took out the money he has deposited for her treatment. Parveen further instigated his hatred for Roshni and says don’t forget that she is not your type. Neither she is able to be the daughter in law of this house.

Aman is in kitchen and baking cakes for his stress buster when Roshni comes to him for going relative house for giving gifts and sweets. She continues to talk only when Aman suddenly shouts at her and talked to her rudely. She gets disappointed to see the change of behaviour in Aman and she went from there. Aman told him she can do whatever she wants but he will not going to accompany her.

Roshni comes to meet her best friend Farah about her new family and the people over there. On the other hand, Salma says Jinn can do so many magics but how to be cunning that is something he needs to learn from me. She says by now his mind must have filled with hatred and malicious thoughts about her. Roshni shares with her friend that she is unable to understand the dynamics of Aman. Everyone in the family is very lovable and nice but sometimes he particularly behaves rudely with me. Farah says just give him some time and he will be okay with you for sure.

Roshani goes to another house to give the packet of gift and sweet where she meets the person who created a chaos in the sangeet ceremony of her and Daman. She tries to go away from there but he forcefully tries to hold her and ask her to dance. She somehow manages to escape from there while on the other side in the Junaid Bhavan Anjum asked Aman about Roshni but he says he is clueless about her whereabouts.

Aman reluctantly calls Roshni to know about her when the family member of that guy informed him that he is chasing Roshni and is after her and misbehaving with her. Roshni is running on the roads to save herself while on the other side Aman is also coming there. Roshni comes to a halt when she reaches the edge. He comes and pushes her from the cliff and Aman is late in reaching there. He asks that guy about Roshni when he says she falls down from there. Aman tries to save her and look for her but he is unable to find her. Aman feels helpless and sites to look for her.

Precap : Aman makes a line around him and Roshni but she gains consciousness and crosses the line.