Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 14th November 2019: Aman and Roshni get trapped in a magical jungle

Episode begins with is Aman is having a phone conversation with Tabeezi and says that can’t reach out to him whether the magical door is working here. Tabeezi gets worried and asks if he is in the jungle ?

Aman says yes and Tabeezi told him that he got trapped in a black magic jungle. She says this is one sort of second home of Jinnat and he is considered to be the most powerful person here and none of your powers and magic will work. She says is Roshni is with you then only she can fight with him as she has that angelic aura and power in her which you don’t have.

Unfortunately she is not aware of her own powers hence you have to protect her. Tabeezi advised him to bring out the dust powder he has in his pocket and made a circle around them and not to cross it in any circumstances. She was about to enlighten him about a illusional well but before that the phone got disconnected due to low battery charge.

Jinn and Ada gets restless to see they are sitting together inside the circle and they are unable to attack them with their powers. Roshni and Aman had a sweet moment with each other when Roshni in her sleep starts to talk again. She says that I ended up in this situation due to Aman. If he accompanied me for distributing sweets and gifts then and I will not get caught up between those bad boys.

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Aman smiles at her words but then the memories of fake illness and other things starts to haunt him. He completely freaks out to think how come in same girl can be innocent and cunning at the same time?

Roshni also in her sleep says the same thing that how come a boy with cute eyes can be cold hearted? She says he can be rude but when he is with his own family he becomes Mr.Gentleman and that is impressing me so much but unfortunately I can never be a part of his family. They thought of me as a bad girl hence they will never been able to accept me as their daughter in law.

The Jinn and Ada created the illusional well to bring out Roshni from the circle. Other hand, Tabeezi elaborated the fact about this illusional well to the family members of Aman. She says I was unable to inform him about this and I can only hope that they don’t come out of the circle.

Roshni gets back her sense and see a kid is crying. She goes to save him crossing the circle but Aman saves her at the last moment. He says there is no well here it was all an illusion to bring you out of the circle. He was trying to escape with her but the Jinn attacked them and Aman got hurt.

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