Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 18th November 2019: Aman decides to bring back Roshni against his mother will

Episode begins with Sara, Saima chhotu and Roshni are sitting together when Sarah says so many things are happening in our family and among all these, the in-laws of Saima is arriving today at our house. Is it not possible for all these things to happen one after another to us? Suddenly Parveen comes share all angry and furious and she asks Roshni to get up. Roshni says but why should I get up what happened and chhotu Sara and Saima also taken aback with such behaviour of Parveen. Parveen says to Roshni that you have to leave the house right now and she dragged her towards the door. Everyone is trying to stop pravin but she seems possessed by the hatred against Roshni and she is in no mood to listen to anybody. Anjum and baby also comes there and tries to stop her but she is adamant and trying to make them believe desperately that she is right in thinking other as the Angel girl in the life of Aman and not Roshni.

Roshni requested her to open the door and in this process she got hurt in her hand as well.

Anjum after a lot of try open the door finally and find the in laws of Saima are standing at the door steps. The quickly checked themselves and tries to pretend normal as if nothing happened. Aman gain consciousness in his room and he realises that Roshni is not there with him in the room. He tries to look for her but cannot find anywhere. Another side, Parveen see the incoming call of Aman on the phone of Roshni and she cuts the call silently.

Roshni comes to the house of her mother and Salma welcomes her and pretends as if nothing happened. She asks Roshni about Aman but Roshni reminds the incident of Parveen throwing her out and she hugs Salma. The in-laws of Saima gives a proposal to them for arranging the marriage within this week so that the father-in-law of Saima can be able to see the marriage of his younger generation as his health is deteriorating. Aman comes down and greets the family members of Saima’s in-laws. Once they leave he ask Anjum about Roshni while the latter keeps silence. Aman look at everybody in the house with surprised eyes and thinks about why people are so silent over here?

Chhotu shows Aman the video of Parveen throwing Roshni out of the house. Aman gets upset with his mother and says this girl saved the life of mine and what you did to her? provinces you people are getting fooled by the innocence of but I am the only one who can see through her. She is just after your money and nothing else and you are being blind by her beautiful lie. Aman didn’t argue with his mother and informs Anjum that she is going to bring Roshni back. Parveen tries to stop him but he didn’t listen to her.

Farah informs Roshni that on her marriage day would be groom was talking about some 51 lac rupees cheque with her mother so she should confront Salma over this topic. Roshni confronts her mother and she confirms the same and says he is already married with the child and still he wants to marry you and that is why in return she had given 51 lacs for marriage. Roshni gets heartbroken to listen to this and she left there after giving an earful to her mother. Aman reaches the house of Roshni and Salma noticed him.

Precap – Roshni comes to meet Aman.