Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 19th November 2019: Aman brings back Roshni at Junaid Bhawan

Episode begins with Aman is standing near the house of Roshni. He gets a call from Anjum asking him if he is bringing back Roshni home or not? Aman says he doesn’t really think Roshni will agree to come due to the situation that has created here. Anjum says she has to be back at least till the Red Moon night. Aman says you are sounding very selfish grandmother just for the sake of my safety I should bring back Roshni so that my mother can again insult her and throw her out of the house. Anjum asks do you feel bad for Roshni? He sat on a bench and says why should I feel bad for her? she is the same girl who took money from me to get married. Anjum says even you also get married to her to save your mother so it is a deal not out of love. Aman again remembers the words of his say about the medical condition of Salma. Aman is about to leave when Roshni comes and calls him from behind.

Aman ask Roshni, “how is your mother now?” Roshni says she is fine from earlier state and doctor advised her to take a rest. Aman asks really? Roshni says to Aman that the doctor advised to do some walking and also perform yoga as well. She asks Aman to perform Yoga as well so that he shouldn’t appear like an angry young man all the time. She asks him are you always angry for real? Aman ask Roshni to sit in the car as they have to go back. Roshni says you have come to my house for the first time at least come inside because last time you have appeared here through your silver door. Aman corrects her and says it is “pital darwaja”, Roshni says whatever but at least today you can come in my house through this wooden door for once. Aman smiles and gets in the car while Roshni things I am the one who was thrown out of the house but here he is showing attitude.

She sits beside him in the car and is watching him secretly. A man suddenly catches her staring at him and she starts to behave like she is looking outside. Aman asks why are you staring at me? Roshni says why should I stare at you secretly if I have to look at you I will do it directly. Is there any tax applied to have a look on you? Rakh Jinn and Ada is following them. They are up to something in a way to separate Aman and Roshni. Aman flies his car in the air and Roshni get excited like a kid and starts to enjoy the wind and birds. She says to Aman it was very sweet of him to fly the car in the year so that she doesn’t get hurt from the obstacles of the road and calls him cute. Both of them reaches the house when a man gets shocked to see Ada is present there.

He ask Parveen what is Ada is doing in the house and why she is doing all this? Parveen says I am doing everything I can to protect my family from this cheap girl. She starts to slam Roshni in front of everyone Aman feels bad for her and ask her to get inside. Parveen stop Roshni and says she doesn’t deserve to be your wife and the daughter-in-law of this house and neither she is the angel we are looking for. Aman get frustrated and angry shouts Roshni to get inside.

Precap – Aman and Roshni gets into a cute bickering.