Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 20th November 2019: Aman discloses to Roshni about himself

Episode begins with Aman and Roshni are coming inside the house when Aman noticed Ada. He asks Parveen and she says Ada will stay here with us now. Aman asks Roshni to go inside but Parveen stops her from doing so and starts to scold her. Aman is not able to stand the situation and he shouts at Roshni to go inside and Parveen understands he is actually showing the anger on her and the entire incident. Roshni goes inside while Parveen also becomes upset and goes inside. Aman tries to make her understand but she is in no mood to listen. Anjum finally steps in and tries to put some sense in Parveen and ask her why should Ada will stay in this house. Parveen says I am fully confident about the fact that not Roshni but Ada is the real angel of Aman’s life. Anjum says that I have full confidence on Roshni. Parveen challenges to check who is the most powerful girl among the two and who is the real saviour of Aman. Anjum asks you want a second woman in the life of your daughter in law. In spite of knowing the pain and agony of having a second woman in life you are wanting the same for your own son’s wife.

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Ada and Roshni meet each other and other manipulates the whole situation in her favour and Roshni gets upset. Aman comes to meet Roshni when she asks him why she is in the house and what is her contribution to the whole thing. She says I am aware about the fact that you didn’t even respect to me forget about liking, you are just tolerating me because somehow I am the medium who can save your family and you from some unwanted danger. Aman asked her if she likes his family or not. She said I like your family very much but who wants to harm such a beautiful family. A man says they have danger from me because I am cursed. Roshni says if by staying here I can protect your family and so many people can get saved I will be here only. Roshni gets excited I always used to feel that I have some power within me but I never knew this is the truth. Aman looks at her with wide eyes and she goes on and on. Didn’t you notice that day have my clips went to those people who came to attack us like rotating weapon and suddenly all of them goes vanished. I am Roshni the superpower girl basically I am the warrior princess and I can’t keep calm about it.

The next morning when comes to the room of him and finds Roshni is sleeping on the bed. he closes the curtains with the help of his magic so that the sun rays doesn’t fall on the face of Roshni. while other side Roshni as usual is talking to herself in her sleep. She is so happy about the effect that she has some powers in her and she can’t stop boasting about it even while sleeping. She was about to fall from the bed but Aman saves her with his magic. She says Aman thought of himself on such a high note, he thinks just because he can do magic he is a hero. If not me who will protect him? Aman makes Roshni hang in the air and murmurs in mind let’s see who need protection now.

Precap : Parveen insults Roshni for talking in between and asks her to stay away from the family matters.