Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 21st November 2019: Aman gives out a important proposal for Saima marriage

Episode begins with a man is with chhotu at the breakfast table. Saima and Sara are also present there. Saima tries to open a jam jar but she is not able to do it. Chotu says I am very strong give it to me I will open it. When Chotu takes the jar in his head he signs Aman to do some magic so that we can open it in front of everyone and become a hero.

Saima says he is such a small kid and he will open this big charge no way there is something surely mysteries in it. Aman says then only you know what is mysterious in it but Chotu opened the jar. Roshni wakes up from sleep and she tries to find bed around her but all she can find is air and she realised it was all done by Aman. She says just because he knows some tricks of magic doesn’t mean he will apply it on anybody.

She noticed that baazigar is laughing at her state and she gets angry. She says one shouldn’t laugh on someone miserable state. Baazigar is teasing her more and she is getting annoyed. On the other side, everyone gets settled on the breakfast table for having food.

Anjum ask where is Roshni to Aman and he says she still sleeping as she was so tired last night. His sisters are pulling leg of him and says really ! She was tired at night? Aman gives them a look while Roshni gets ready and is coming down.

While coming down she hears is strange voice and wonders who is calling her. She thinks may be due to hunger she is hallucinating things. The illusion well starts to extract water in an attempt to distract people towards it. Roshani kam side breakfast area and Parveen gets angry on seeing her. Roshni wishes all of them good morning and just about to settle for breakfast when Parveen gets up from her chair.

Roshni understands the temper of Parveen and she quickly said she just came here to wish all of them good morning and she already had her breakfast in the morning. Aman realises she is telling a lie for the sake of his mother. He does some magic and Roshni gets breakfast served at her room. She gets happy to see the food and thanked Aman for helping her.

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Aman says to his family members while having breakfast that he wants his sister Saima to be financially independent before getting married to anybody. Once she can be financially established she can get married with full enthusiasm and enjoyment. Saima gets upset with the proposal and she left the breakfast table. Roshni again hears the strange voice before she can think much about it Sara came and took her to Saima’s room. Roshni says to Saima that she has a plan for her. Roshni comes at the room with Sara Saima and Chotu where Aman Parveen Anjum are already discussing this matter.

She says I have a plan to come out of this problem and she says summer knows to speak Tamil and Hindi both and now a days for corporate films and online projects people who are aware of such regional languages are so much in demand for translations hence she can apply for one such job. Saima says I already sent my CV to many such portals And I hope someone will revert back. Aman kids happy to hear this and chhotu says that credit goes to my aunty for this. Parveen slams Roshni for interfering in the family matters and Roshni gets upset.

Precap – Roshni hears the conversation between Aman and Parveen and get disheartened.